CompleteBody: Six Essential Elements

Twenty one years ago CompleteBody was born under the vision and proficiency in fitness of Alex Reznik. Originally from Russia he moved to New York City twenty seven years ago. Initially Alex started working in a restaurant business and after a while, he became a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness, embracing his passion in wellness and sports. Success came right away as a result of his desire to help people to achieve their physical and physiological goals. That pointed him towards developing his own fitness company as a personal home and travel trainer services as well as to open his first commercial location at 80 John Street in Manhattan, New York. Parallel, Alex brought his expertise into managing fitness centers for upscale residential buildings. He was the first one to offer a wider fitness services in residential buildings. After him, developers and clients such as Armani and Philippe Stark continued implementing that idea.


“Balance between family and business which means freedom and growth are my ultimate success.“

After working with Deepak Chopra, Alex discovered new insights from his time spent at the Chopra Center. As a result, a genius designed system was built on the proponents of creating a COMPLETE body, using holistic techniques from both Eastern and Western cultures. CompleteBody is based on Six Essential Elements: Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, Nutrition, Meditation and Rest. This program reflects the perfect balance within these elements helping people to become more flexible, strong, relaxed minded and energetic, all the essentials to achieve health and wellness.

CompleteBody 19th

As a natural expansion three more fitness centers were opened in New York.  The three of them have maintained its essence, identity and clients, taking them into the next century. CompleteBody 19th Street is an “old school” and historic New York fitness club, formerly managed by Gladys Portugues. Submerged by great energy and busy all the time, business people, rappers and celebrities like Calvin Klein and Orlando Bloom are regular clients.

CompleteBody 57th


“Success is about doing what you love.”

CompleteBody 57 is located on the 5th floor of a building on 57th Street and Second Avenue; it stands as one of the only fitness clubs in New York with all amenities on one level. This upscale fitness center provides one-of-a-kind health and wellness experience for all the family. It offers houses a roof deck, salt water pool, fitness floor, group exercise room, physical therapy facility, saunas and locker rooms all on one level, in an easy to access design.

CompleteBody 10 Hanover

CompleteBody Downtown, the former Goldman Sachs corporate fitness club, is located at 10 Hanover Square, and features 30,000 square feet of sophisticated facilities, in an elegant and inviting environment. As a biggest on Wall Street it offers CompleteBody Xross Training (CBXT) specially designed for those people that don’t have a lot of time to train. Within one hour of class one can burn over 1000 calories. This program combines different intense exercise routines with thirty seconds of rest in between, concluding with stretching, yoga and meditation.

Casa&Mar Luxury Resort


Craving to extend his philosophy and bring it to the rest of the world, Alex is building an exclusive Casa E Mar Wellness Resort in Marica, Ponta Negra, an hour and half from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All guest rooms are facing the ocean and are surrounded by impressive nature in an environment that offers endless summer througout the year. Something to highlight is the private garden where they grow organic vegetable and fruits for its own use. The resort will be open to public this August, right before The Summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio.

Barcelona is Alex’s next goal. In fact, Barcelona is his favorite city in the world and he would love to retire there with his family. Barcelona has very good fitness centers but he feels he can offer even more to its lovely people and its guests. His idea is to build a gay friendly condo-hotel close to the beach with a great fitness center featuring CompleteBody Program and upscale service experience.

“Success is about doing what you love. One of my mentors once told me a secret about life:  life consists of finding what you love to do and find people who are willing to pay for it. Money will come sooner or later; you have to love your job.  I feel lucky and I am blessed knowing what I want. Hard times always make me stronger because I focus on my goal doing small steps towards achieving it and by a blink of an eye I am exactly where I want to be. The key is to always to have fun. Focus on your dreams and they will come true, first you think, then you say, then you write and then you do and it will manifest. I also love spending time with my two boys, which I consider one of my best creations.”Alex Reznik