Barcelona Designers Collective: The Opening Of The Pop-Up Store

On July 5th will be the opening of the pop-up boutique and the presentation of new talents of Barcelona Designers Collective project. Driven by La Roca Village and curated by FAD (Promotion of Arts and Design) the aim is to discover, promote and support emerging talent with commercial vocation.

“The aim is to discover, promote and support emerging talent with commercial vocation”

The pop-up boutique at La Roca Village will host until next August 16th a selection of products and works of over sixty independent emerging designers with their own brand in fashion, graphic design and illustration, product design, art, crafts and contemporary jewelry . As a novelty, this edition adds gastronomy as new creative expression, which will be available to buy and taste within the pop-up boutique.

Botella decorada de Casa Atlántica

Once again, internationally renowned professionals from different fields of design and creativity have been involved in the Barcelona Designers Collective as part of a mentoring group chaired by Nani Marquina (President of FAD), with the participation of photographer Biel Capllonch, interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the chefs Hermanos Torres, graphic designer Claret Serrahima, industrial designer Eugeni Quitllet, fashion designer Miriam Ponsa and the jeweler Marc Monzó. All of them support the creative talent, imagination, originality and commercial vocation of those selected.

Sixty New Emerging Designers

A total of 62 emerging designers from different design disciplines selected by FAD with the collaboration of experts in retail at La Roca Village,  will exhibit and market their creations during this edition at the pop-up boutique. Not only the project is being hosted again, but in this third edition it has also increased by 20% the selection of emerging talent -an indication that shows that independent design is a real phenomenon. Women predominate in this selection , with 60 % of the products designed by them , 20 % men and 20 % for mixed teams.

Conjunto falda y camiseta de Less Filling

For two months, designers have taken the path to undertake their projects with their own brand as well as self-produce. Designers such as Less-Filling, Peebee, Congo Studio, Naguisa, Après Sky, Zazo & Brull, Bibu, Georgina Vendrell, Mireia Playà, Minimono, Romina Gray, Atlantic House, Sampere and Safura among others, will show their work at La Roca Village, where their creations will coexist with national and international firms of first level, present in the Village.

Collar Shima de Après Sky

In this third edition, interior design and the creative concept of the pop-up boutique obtain special relevance . Young architects Sylvain Carlet and Isern Serra, have worked together to create a minimalist concept playing with white -symbol of modernity and sophistication of La Roca Village- and stylish natural simplicity of wood -representing the creativity and emerging talent selected by the FAD-.

Zapatillas ilustraciones temáticas africanas de Safura by Radio África

Gastronomy As A New Creative Discipline

The third edition of Barcelona Designers Collective includes gastronomy as new creative expression, in a nod to the appointment of Catalonia as European Region of Gastronomy 2016. The Escola d’Hosteleria de Sant Pol de Mar, an institution which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, joined the project leading its gastronomic side.

Tapa creativa de Escola de Sant Pol inspiración Barcelona Designers Collective - Foto 1

A team of young chefs from the Escola de Sant Pol will create a creative selection of tapas, made with local product and inspired by the Barcelona Designers Collective. The culinary creations will be available for tasting in a gastro-bar located within the pop-up.

Tapa creativa de Escola de Sant Pol inspiración Barcelona Designers Collective - Foto 2

In addition, the pop up boutique of Barcelona Designers Collective will dedicate a space to the sale of the best gourmet Catalan products: anchovies of L’Escala, oils, sweets or wines that visitors will take home as a gastronomic souvenir.

By La Roca Village. Curated By FAD

Barcelona Designers Collective is the result of a partnership between FAD, experts in identifying talent in design, and La Roca Village, leaders in the field of retail internationally.

The project is more than an opportunity to market products. La Roca Village,  as a leading platform in the tourism of shopping becomes a showcase to the world that supports and gives voice to emerging talents, offering an excellent opportunity to highlight and market their creations globally, in a environment which received 4.3 million visitors, 60% of them tourists in 2015.

Barcelona Global was who identified the potential for collaboration and promoted the encounter between La Roca Village and FAD, in a project that contributes to position Barcelona as one of the best cities in the world to attract and develop talent and creativity.