Clemència Peris: Auras Of Unique Creations

Clemència Peris is a Catalan firm that is known for creating unique designs of fine jewelry, specializing in engagement rings. Inspired by the singular, emotions and the Mediterranean, her designs have gained  national and international recognition throughout the years.

Design And Exclusivity

Clemència Peris’s brand is identified within a wide range of values among which we find effort, hard work, dedication, technique, craftsmanship and exclusivity as an overall result. Both, founder and team, work with enthusiasm to fill the universe that surrounds Clemència Peris with quality, artistic and meaningful products for their demanding customers.

“Clemència Peris”-Founder and creative director, designing at the atelier

Clemència Peris herself -founder and creative director of the firm- is still nowadays present throughout the whole procces, drawing each and every design as well as transmitting the values that have accompanied her during her extensive career.

 Mediterranean Essence

Most of the inspiration comes from the bohemian and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. Its people, traditions, culture and heritage bathed by the Mediterranean, convert Barcelona into a city full of contrast and a perfect setting for art and creativity. Such an inspiring context, allows Clemència Peris to design unique creations that are contemporary, yet preserve the essence of craft and tradition.


 Five Decades Dedicated To Crafts And Design

Starting in the 70’s after her academic training, Clemencia Peris career hasn’t stop growing towards achieving her dream. While participating in many contests with successful and rewarding results, she also became a member of the prestigious and renowned De Beers Club. Among other achievments, she designed the Hockey Awards for the Barcelona’s Olympic Games and exposed her designs at international exhibitions, such as in Paris and London.


Nowadays Clemència Peris exhibits and sells her designs at her two stores: one located in Terrassa and the other one in Barcelona, near by the prestigious street “Passeig de Gracia”. The products are also available through the online store, which has allowed the brand to rapidly gain international clients.


From 1979, when Clemència Peris founded her first workshop, she started a long journey in which she bet on a personal project making her dream come true. A life devoted to art and crafts, breaking with tradition and conferring a special stamp to all her creations.

The Hallmark

Harmony, magic, light, color are some of the adjectives that define her designs. The work of Clemència Peris is far from being considered only a luxury. This pieces require a disinterested art gaze, observing the aesthetic object in its purest state, which transcends in this case, from a jewel to an art work plenty of meaning itself. That is the process that allows one to distinguish between the object and the art work.


The Atelier

The work developed at the atelier of Clemència Peris  (trademark, R), is based on the production process. The manufacture chain starts in the treatment of gold. -Gold 18k alloy mixed with other metals required to obtain the color variations, while being processed with special machines to obtain the original form in each case.


Among the wide variety of precious gems they work with is the diamond, emblem of the firm and which is acquired with the approval of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This certifies the quality and authenticity of each diamond. Needless to say, the brand works under the strict commitment of corporate social responsibility so as not to incur in the purchase of blood diamonds.

The process carried out at the ateliers, is what permeates the jewels of Clemencia Peris reflect a special and unique aura.