Custo Barcelona: Sport And Sensuality Is The New Trend For Summer ’17

During the 080 Barcelona Fashion week, Custo Barcelona presented their collection for next Spring-Summer 2017. A collection that aims to renew the Custo fashion code and which the brand already introduced last winter  with Reborn.


“Sport sensuality and a new silhouette detached from the body: “Oversize” is  their new proposal for women”

Custo-Barcelona_099 Custo-Barcelona_172 Custo-Barcelona_156

Sport sensuality and a new silhouette detached from the body: “Oversize” is  the new fashion statement from Custo for women. Among  the items presented we find sweatshirts with patchwork elements; loose pants with laminated finish; baggy pants with openwork; multicolored shorts and mini and maxi dresses made out of net or crochet, under which you can see micro bikinis. With this collection Custo recreates the world of sport under his own vision and DNA.

   Custo-Barcelona_163 Custo-Barcelona_058

“The bomber jackets are explored in all its forms”

In the show we could see bomber jackets explored in all its forms. Some of them which specially stand out, are created from the union of different small pieces of crochet, strung by hand on a basis of guipure with a subtle translucency.

Custo-Barcelona_114 Custo-Barcelona_022 Custo-Barcelona_028

Transparencies in sporty-like clothing and sensual elegance translated in colors such as petal pink, sand, optical white, light blue, emerald, tangerine, fuchsia and splashes of black are also protagonists in this new and unique pieces.

Custo-Barcelona_003 Custo-Barcelona_011 (1) Custo-Barcelona_013

For man, the design proposals follows the same sporty look as the female line,  focusing on comfortable pieces and openwork fabrics. Knitted shorts, t-shirts made out of net, tricot cardigans and bomber jakets are part of Custo’s new collection.

Custo-Barcelona_016 Custo-Barcelona_092 Custo-Barcelona_038

With a total of 71 looks, 15 male and 56 female, the designer continues progressing amazingly with design proposals  that bring to the Barcelona runaway, a very sensual, cool and appealing collection. Such an event, has reunited once again friends from the firm such as Mireia Canalda and Felipe Lopez, Ares Teixidó, Elsa Anka, Lucrecia, Mireia Verdú, Mireia Lalaguna Miró and Asha Miró.