A Weekend Residence by Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design

In the middle of the twentieth century this stadium – built on the banks of a large reservoir in the north part of Moscow – was a very popular place for relaxation. Continuing this tradition, the clients asked Oleg Klodt to create a unique and beautiful place where the family could spend the weekend– a little oasis of calm amid the great metropolis.


“Benefiting from panoramic views over a picturesque lake, this interior has being designed as a continuation of the natural landscape”

Benefiting from panoramic views over a picturesque lake, this interior has being designed as a continuation of the natural landscape, evoking a sensation of lightness. The entire floorplan was reconfigured to favour open spaces as well as the flow of natural light that penetrates the property favouring a sense of harmony with the world it is surrounded by.


Although a Parisian style has being favoured, Nordic touches along with a sophisticated colour palette and an eclectic mix of art pieces have being used throughout this interior. The result is a vibrant, sophisticated and comfortable home with spaces adapted to each of the members of this family, including two-children.

About Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design

Founded in 2000, Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design is an interior design firm based in Russia that creates bespoke interiors, gracefully bridging the gap between the classical and contemporary. At the heart of this inspirational studio is the creative partnership of Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova.

bureau-2000px-bright(1)While Oleg Klodt works with brevity and clarity in a traditional style, Anna Agapova predicts upcoming trends, bringing a complex eclecticism to the classical format as the two fuse varying textures and shapes.

The style of the studio is understated and consistent, an approach that remains their hallmark. Planning every centimeter of a space is key to their collaborative work – with projects that boast a consistent elegance and sophistication. It is this meticulous and comprehensive approach to design, suffused with creative dexterity,that brings to life each project by the brand.‘We aim to stand out by being generous with our clients and exceeding their expectations, while also designing with a refined, subtle touch’ said Oleg.

Specialising in a rich variation of interiors, Oleg and Anna specifically tailor each exquisite detail to the individual layout and function of a space. The studio favours the use of bespoke pieces in all of its interiors,using glass, metal, stone, porcelain and other materials to include features that are completely unique. A teamof over 60 professionals implement this vision internationally to re-define hotels, restaurants and homes.

Anna comments, ‘it’s easy for me to visualise the interior of a space, long before it’s even been planned on paper. I can see how it will look at different times of the day and work on its design with this in mind. The appearance of a space in the evening is so different to how it looks at the break of dawn. For me, imagining this is just like a moment in a film.’

Although Anna and Oleg share a passion for the Parisian Provençale style, the merging of these two innovative minds symbolises their attitude to design. Both pioneers agree that interiors should be inclusive and diverse, in order to form imaginative solutions using the latest technology for the finishes, details, and textures.

In addition to the many spectacular residential and commercial projects in the pipeline this year, Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design is also preparing a collection of bespoke pieces.