Harriet Stubbs: The Music Is Me

While attending a wonderful event at a Gilded-Age Mansion in New York, I had the honor to witness an extraordinary and talented pianist. Her name is Harriet Stubbs and she was there presenting her first album.

Her profound and insightful playing inspires anyone to reach deep into oneself, creative resources and imagination. In my case, I was truly touched by her art of playing music. Below, her successful and uplifting story.

“For Harriet there is nothing more comfortable and successful that achieving by herself something she really believes in”

Harriet Stubbs has been surrounded by music her entire life. Her mother, a piano teacher, always played music at home and from a very early age Harriet felt she wanted to be involved. Consequently, she began her piano studies at the age of three, followed by her first public performance a year later. At the age of five she was already awarded a full scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she started studying with James Gibb. Despite James Gibb never teaching children, he did an exception with Harriet. While molding her talent for music, he became one of the most influential teachers in her life. Harriet did her first concerto with an orchestra at the age of eight followed by a touring around UK and branched out into film work, in the third Harry Potter film, ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’. 


“Shortly after, being present in a live concert she felt alive again; she understood music was her life, she was music”

It became really obvious she could do something with her talent but Harriet wanted to feel the music completely. At the age of 15 she stopped playing with an intention to sense different experiences. Shortly after, being present at live music at Glastonbury Festival she felt alive again; she understood music was her life, she was music.

Coming from a conservative education she did her undergraduate degree at Trinity College of Music in London, but along the way she felt it wasn’t enough to only be thought of how to make classical music. She wanted to be certain about dedicating her entire life to what she valued the most. Her desire was to find a way to do music with an intention to make this world a better place, through a sound full of passion and love. In search for that, Harriet moved to New York City to pursue her Master’s degree at Manhattan School of Music and to build a career in North America and Canada.

She found her experience in New York quite challenging, more aggressive and competitive than at school in London. However, she easily found herself inspired experiencing the city and its refreshing and fantastic people. That just made Harriet very clear on what she really wanted. As a result she meets producer Russ Titelman, winner of 3 Grammy awards and maker of some the greatest records of all time. Coming from very different worlds, they connected through the same genuine love for music. Subsequently, they came up with the idea to create her first commercial album, where everybody who heard it goes through a journey of senses based on the concept of the doors of perception.

Russ Titelman & Harriet Stubbs

Now Harriet lives and works between London and New York. She feels great in London but New York has got this magic that’s impossible to describe and nothing can compare to waking up for that.

“This last year have been so amazing, I can’t imagine doing anything more than I am doing right now. Working with Russ Titelman and other amazing people and professionals have been a fantastic support. I have really genuine musicians around me, I am traveling around the world, playing in beautiful places and I just want to continue playing and experiencing relationships like that in my life. I feel honest when I play. It’s an honest spiritual expression of me”, says Harriet about her now and her future

She feels free focusing on doing her art. The album is about to be released and it’s extremely exciting. For Harriet there is nothing more comfortable and successful that achieving by herself something she really believes in.

Don’t miss her upcoming recital at St. James’s Piccadilly, London July 8th 2016 at 1:10pm.

Twitter: @harrietstubbs | Facebook: @harriet.stubbs1  | Website: www.harrietstubbs.com

Author: Armand Álvarez | Editor-in-chief at The Hedonist Magazine | contact@thehedonistmagazine.com