Edition 5 Ans: The Capsule Collection By Maison Christian Lacroix


To celebrate the anniversary with the same passion and creativity that has guided “Maison Lacroix” throughout the past five years, The House has designed a capsule collection of unique collector pieces featuring a Bagatelle pattern: one of the key designs that have been highlighted along the “Masion Lacroix” furniture collection.

La Collection Edition 5 ans - Assiettes +á dessert
Edition 5 ans Dessert plates by Maison Christian Lacroix  |  Designer: Sacha Walckhoff   |  Set of two dessert plates “Bagatelle” embellished in gold and platinum  |  Limited edition   |  Dimensions : Diameter 232 mm, height 30mm

A luscious garden meets contemporary urbanism and XVIII century follies, turning into a metaphor where past, present and future come together.

La Collection Edition 5 ans - Coussins 30x30
Edition 5 ans cushions by Maison Christian Lacroix | Designer: Sacha Walckhoff | Set of two cushions. Front side printed in the “Bagatelle” pattern on silk twill fabric; back side printed in the “Cabanon” pattern | Limited Edition  | Dimensions : 30cm x 30cm
La Collection Edition 5 ans - Coque IPhone
Edition 5 ans iPhone case by Maison Christian Lacroix | Designer: Sacha Walckhoff | iPhone case “Bagatelle” made with a double printing technique | Limited Edition | Dimensions: Height 190 mm, width 110 mm

The Bagatelle print has been applied on a pair of silk cushions, a box of porcelain plates as well as a notebook and an Iphone that will accompany you in your daily life.

La Collection Edition 5 ans - Carnet A5 (2)
Edition 5 ans notebook by Maison Christian Lacroix | Designer: Sacha Walckhoff | Book “Bagatelle” with hot-stamped logo and chevron ribbon | Limited Edition | Dimensions : Height 210 mm, width 148 mm

About Maison Lacroix

The history of Maison Christian Lacroix began five years ago. From the magic of the couture house to the wonderful world of interior design, it seemed as though these two worlds were not too far apart.

Each season’s collection of fabrics, wallpapers, cushions and rugs by Maison Christian Lacroix are inspired by a rich tapestry of sources: generous flower garlands, the embroidery of a torero’s cape to evoke Arles, the magic of Paris, its Couture workshops and even Andalusia and its Madonnas encircled by a halo of butterflies.

This limitless creativity allows for the brand to adapt to every domain of the French art de vivre. Memories of travels are carried forward in the finest Lusitanian porcelain, whilst the scent of the candles transport one to the heart of Provence and Andalusia. The meticulously and expertly crafted stationery adds just a touch of panache to our daily lives.

Many prestigious collaborations over the years have proved the world of decoration and art de vivre has an appetite for the baroque, flamboyant and colorful universe of Maison Christian Lacroix. But also that of the public, which for five years has embraced this evolution with passion.