Long Term Well-being With The Elixir Clinic & VitaDrips

Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh founded the Elixir Clinic in the UK in 2013, being one of the first clinics offering tailor-made intravenous infusions to sustain optimum health and ensure long-term well-being. Already operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the business continues to expand in the Middle East educating people with the benefits of their new integrated medicine and luxury treatments. 

Mahi Aramideh and Acaena Amoros, founders of The Elixir Clinic

Trademarked as VitaDrip, this innovative product has been carefully engineered by the successful tandem and it constitutes a wide variety of intravenous infusions, especially formulated to tackle a vast number of health and well-being needs.


Inspired by Baltimore Physician John Myers and his intravenous nutrient mixture, Mahi and Acaena worked intensively to develop their own formula of vitamin drips. Their extensive background in HIV, cancer research and a deep understanding on the benefits of vitamins, coupled with their fascination on the idea of long-term health and well-being.

“VitaDrips,  has become an essential for royals and celebrities worldwide”

VitaDrips, that has become an essential for royals and celebrities worldwide, ranges from the VIP Elixir VitaDrip, a formula that features a custom blend of essential vitamins and minerals, to the Adrenal Fatigue VitaDrip, infused with amino acids and nutrients to contirbute paliating syndroms such as fatigue or water rention.


With the help of a strong team, The Elixir Clinic continues to thrive in London and has since expanded to the Middle East after partnering with CosmeSurge and Emirates Hospital. Furthermore, a beautiful state of the art clinic is due to open in Abu Dhabi this year and another one in the prestigious Dubai International Financial Center.

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The Elixir Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Bound to take the region by storm due to it’s immediate results, The Elixir Clinic is soon to be amongst the number one global brands for optimal health and long term well-being.

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