Ray Sullivan: A Tango For Our World

“I wish you the joy of crossing any divide with happiness, love and dancing.”—Ray

I am Ray Sullivan and I love dance. I always have.

I have been connected to movement from the time I was little and could barely stay still. And after countless tours as a professional dancer around the world and some of my fondest memories of relaxing late-night Tango dancing in Buenos Aires, it is clear that dance fills every part of me.

Ray Sullivan - dance photo by Lucrecia Diaz

I recognize the power of dance

So much so, that I began writing a book about it. Its focus is specifically on how dancing Tango can influence positive change. Dance can cross divisions between people. All variety of couples, whoever we are, can dance together. We can embrace whoever we want and treat people in the world with care, as if we all dance together.

The following is a short section from my book: “Dance The World Embraced: A Tango For Our World” , which will be released in Fall 2016.

Chapter 8

 With You In My Arms

“I feel you . . the sensation of your being. Your existence. This is one of the most unifying experiences, and it happens with you in my arms.

 Considering the creativity of my free will,  while simultaneously honoring your presence with me, is truly an expression of togetherness.

 The goal is to experience togetherness, while interacting with people every day, off the dance floor and out in the world.  It is a journey of letting down barriers and returning to our essence. Connection. We can apply the principles of  dancing together, in the world, and be connected.  Improving global harmony and moving in unity.  We can bring dance into everyday life.

 The first steps are the breaking  down of walls, in order for us to reconnect. These walls were often built from a perceived self-sufficiency and thoughts of being separate and alone. To attempt to  make it on our own.  But, we are never truly alone. We are all connected. Everyone on our planet is here, and our togetherness can bring bliss.

 Dance gives us a continuous flow of happiness and connection. This is what it is like to dance in each other’s arms. This is what we know when we dance. This is our reality. When I hold you in my arms, or you hold me in yours, I am ready to lead or follow. I accept this, as what I want to experience. I am ready to dance.  

 And, we dance.

 We tango around and around the dance floor. Weaving in between other couples, we sense our way around the space, like birds flying together in fast-changing flocks. We are free and together. We are intimately separated into couples and yet joined as part of a whole group. We have purpose and intention, yet abandon and freedom from structure.

 Tango is special. The connection is beyond a sense of trust, which is only the first step to appreciating its true profundity. The final step of understanding is love.  Tango is love – in the most unifying humanitarian sense of the word. I am not talking about images of tango or the archetype of tango dancers sexily tearing up the floor in fishnet stockings and fedoras. I am talking about the dance itself. As we lead or follow, the moment of true improvisational connection is full of pathways that are sincerely transited with love: honesty, sincerity, listening, communication, togetherness. It is being in your own center, while sharing the center with another.

 When we embrace in each other’s arms, I know what it feels like to be safe. It feels like the whole world slows down for a moment. 

I have to remember to exhale.

I know that there are people who are not having this experience right now. This safety. This moment of completely engaging in positive motion, while in the arms of another.

 By allowing ourselves to dance, we are practicing love and kindness.  We are adding to the greater good and our humanity. With the power of the embrace, we are creating waves of energy that self-replicate. We are actively moving our combined positive energy, which is innately connected to the world around us.”

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