A Paradise For Meat Lovers: The Beefbar-Butcher Shop In Monaco


At The Beefbar each cut is mastered, respected and of true value. Served with delicious homemade mashed potato, the eating experience turns into a sublime momentum of pleasure for your palate.

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The Beefbar is a well known brand in the Principality of Monaco, but also in other places such as Hong Kong or Mexico.  Created in the early 2000s by Riccardo Giraudi, The Beefbar was conceived to break the traditional codes of rigid & high end cuisine. Offering its customers an exceptional gourmet experience, at The Beefbar the luxury is felt and enjoyed.


As a result of the restaurant’s success, the business has expanded launching a new additional concept: The Beefbar Butcher Shop. Since the 22nd of February, the clients are able to visit this new generation butcher to choose and buy the cuts- filets, entrecote, steak, ribs, and tenderloin of exclusive meat, under the informed advice of the butcher.

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Designed by the Monegasque architectural firm Humbert & Poyet, the butcher store reflects through its design the restaurant’s philosophy. In a space that is set amidst unpretentious luxury and contemporary design values, materials such as white and black marble, brass and wood, serve as the showcase for those premium cuts of meat.

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In this way, the emblematic meats and charcuteries of the Beefbar menu are available for sale for the first time:

Black Angus Beef US Prime & Choice – UNITED STATES

Originally from the Midwest, the Black Angus American beef, hormone free, is corn-fed for 120 days. This meat, whilst appreciated by the connoisseurs, remains the best in terms of tenderness and quality.

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 Black Angus Beef “Premium Marble Reserve” – Raised in AUSTRALIA

In the same way as Kobe Japanese beef, and grain fed for 300 days, the Australian Black Angus possesses a remarkable degree of marbling, a sign of a piece of meat which is extremely tender and exquisitely flavorsome.



Grass-fed and raised outside, this young beef has a more fibrous texture. Low in fat, its taste is distinct and delicate.

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Certified Beef Wagyu- JAPAN

The most delicate in the world with a unique flavor and tenderness, the Japanese meat is described as one of the best meats in the world.


Milk fed Veal – HOLLAND

The rearing of this high quality veal is founded on its wellbeing, nutrition and freedom to move. The result is a delicate and tender veal, with a very clear color, and a light and unique taste.

The Beefbar Butcher Shop | Open Monday to Saturday
From 11h-18h | Quai Jean-Charles Rey
98 000 Monaco