Kevin Reilly Collection Presents | BAMBA

Well-known American lighting designer Kevin Reilly unveils BAMBA, a unique lighting fixture that offers a new take on the interpretation and filtering of light.


The attention is focused upon a metal ring, that reveals its unique filtering abilities while also maintaining a high sculptural appeal. The ring acts as a guide, hidding certain areas of the lighting source and perfectly diffusing it towards the upper and the lower shades. The result, a more dramatic and theatrical atmosphere.

-About Kevin Reilly-

In the 1970’s, before settling in Montgomery, Alabama, Kevin Reilly was a bespoke furniture manufacturer for interior designers. In 2001, Reilly started focusing on the impact of light in interior and exterior spaces, which brought him to set up his own firm, Kevin Reilly Collection.  Today, he his renowned for his innovative creations: luxurious lighting that create environments that are harmonious, warm and inviting. As Reilly says, A light during the day needs to be minimal and sculptural, but at night it should be magical. The light should reveal a memorable experience.


– Timeless lighting –

Kevin Reilly’s collections elegantly fill any room with their traditional yet contemporary look. Geometric lines are applied as a basis of industrial design while the use of materials such as metal, paper, crystal or glass provide a more contemporary look.  His creations are a reflection of his desire to create atmospheres that are minimalistic yet magical. Indeed, in 2001 innovation came forth with “Altar“, a distinctive metal light fixture which holds electrified candles, projecting a very romantic quality of light.

-Indoor and Outdoor Collections-

With his very own design language, Kevin Reilly offers a great selection of  lighting pieces that can find their place in all types of contexts, whether indoor or outdoor. Kevin Reilly was one of the first designers in 2006 to launch a high-end collection of outdoor lighting. A line that was manufactured with much technical refinement, and has become an excellent solution for landscape architects and designers.

-Bespoke Projects Worldwide-

Kevin Reilly Collection works with clients and designers alike to create custom lighting that adds dramatic impact to their projects. He believes that designed objects need to be in lasting harmony with their surroundings. With his team of artisans, he works tirelessly to create the perfect custom lights for private residences, hotels, chalets and high-end boutiques around the world.

-Traditional Savoir-Faire-

In Montgomery, Alabama a small team of truly dedicated artisans work together to assemble each lighting fixture by hand. The meticulous process of bringing each piece to life leaves no detail overlooked. Kevin Reilly relies on a time-tested savoir-faire and traditional craftsmanship to ensure the quality of its creations. | Facebook: KevinReillyCollection | Instagram: kevinreillycollection