Modenese Gastone Presents | BELLA VITA, The Refinement And Elegance Of The Classic Luxury Interior

Architectural space and furnishing don’t have just a functional role. Their fruition and their effect overcome the practical time and the fulfillment of basic needs, determining an aesthetic dimension of the everyday life through the use itself of dwelling. This is the idea that  Modenese Gastone has given birth to.

Furniture as hermeneutical tool of art history and customs of a people, which it’s not identified in each single element of furniture only (chairs, tables, sofas, accessories, beds and consoles), but also in complete interiors designed suitably for living rooms and dining area, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and walk-in closets.

Solid wood classic living room with carved tea table | Bella Vita collection | Modenese Gastone

Modenese Gastone furniture are entirely handmade realized using exclusively Italian raw materials, know-how and labor. The solid wood employed comes mostly from Tuscan woods and it is skillfully shaped by their craftsmen whom manufacturing technique has been passed down from generation to generation until today. The style of their designers retraces the whole history of man, from the luxury triclinia of the Roman Empire to the magnificent gold inlays of Renaissance and rewrites in a modern key the daintiest shapes which had characterized these times.

Modenese Gastone presents a new classic furniture collection: Bella Vita

Deluxe-noble-Italian-living-room-with-padded-sofa-and-armchair-Bella-Vita-collection-Modenese-Gastone (1)
Deluxe noble Italian living room with padded sofa and armchair | Bella Vita collection | Modenese Gastone

This collection is the third and the final part of the trilogy Leone Veneziano (Venetian Lion). Its previous parts were the collections Villa Venezia and Casanova. In the collection Bella Vita we can see the splendor of the past in a new light. The lofty style of the 17th century finds its new essence in Bella Vita. As the previous collection Casanova, Bella Vita places an emphasis on high quality materials. The list of already presented finishes and fabrics was extended with new colors, combinations and sophisticated ornaments. Also the collection widely presents decorative carving and inlays made from different materials. Baroque has never been so modern and so splendidly bright. This vibrant and elegant collection brings warm colors, fashionable fabrics, sumptuous baroque elements, classy marbles and stones to the interior.

Chesterfield office hardwood luxury interior design | Bella Vita | collection | Modenese Gastone

The collection Bella Vita gives to the interiors the allure of the past and modern rigor, harmony and opulence. It is a charm recovered from the past, the Italian desired touch to make any space unique. As before, Modenese Gastone offers to its clients an opportunity to produce customized furniture items upon individual requests. The in-house designers and architects of the factory are always at customers’ disposal and are ready to find the best individual solutions regarding color combinations, size, finishes and fabrics.

Live in luxury – live Modenese Gastone

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