Interview Of Acaena Amoros & Mahi Aramideh, Founders Of THE ELIXIR CLINIC

The Elixir Clinic is a reputed and trusted health & beauty center aimed to deliver inside-out beauty and long term well-being to its clients. Founded in 2013 in London by Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh, they are specialized in bespoke intravenous infusions, also known as VitaDrip. Moreover, they offer a wide range of complementary medicine and luxury treatments.  Also established in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,  The Elixir Clinic is soon to be amongst the number one global brands for optimal health and long term well-being.

  • Who are Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh? How did your paths cross?

Both, Mahi and I are experienced nurses. It all began in the heart of the medical district of London: Harley Street. Through long hours, late nights and a pure love for our work, we struck up a strong working relationship and friendship.

  • What was your motivation to set up The Elixir Clinic?

An extensive background in HIV and cancer research, how vitamins can help the immune system and prevent and help diseases became the seed to the work that was to follow.  Furthermore, our sheer fascination with the idea of long term health we had invested in for so long, and a passion for the world of beauty, led to the birth of this project.

  • Why in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi? What do these cities offer you?

London is the place where we have been living and working for a long time, but further to that,  it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi convey a virbrant atmosphere that we both love, that’s why when our investors, CosmeSurge and Emirates Hospital, who are based here, asked to start our expansion in the UAE, we embraced  it as a perfect opportunity.

  • How would you describe your clients?

Amazing, beautiful and from all walks of life.

  • What is a VitaDrip? What was your source of inspiration to create such an innovative and appealing product?

A Vitadrip is an intravenous infusion that contains Nutrients, Vitamins and Amino Acids that encourage the whole body system to function properly by feeding the cells. Believe it or not, this system of well-being maintenance has been around for years. John Myers (MD) an American physician from Baltimore, pioneered the use of intravenous vitamins and minerals as part of the overall treatment of various medical problems. Known as the Myers’ Cocktail, is the basis of all our VitaDrips.

  • How can these intravenous infusions contribute to the health, beauty and well-being of people?

Essentially, the body needs Vitamins and Minerals to function. For example if your body is lacking, Vitamins B3 (Niacin), B7 (Biotin) and Vitamin C, you are likely to have weak hair which falls out easily. If you are lacking Iron and/ Vitamin D you are likely to feel tired and unable to function properly. A VitaDrip has an absorption rate of 100%, meaning that your organs get what they need directly. Moreover, can be safely delivered in high doses because they bypass your gastrointestinal system.

  • How does the process work, from the moment you implement it, until you can see/feel the results?

Our client starts off by filling out a Medical History Form, which is then reviewed with the doctor during the consultation. After evaluation and with the consent of the client, the doctor chooses the most appropiate treatment. The client is then seen by one of our lovely nurses who administrates the infusion. During the process, the infusion is dripped into your body over a 45 minutes.

Visible changes can be seen or felt the same day or the day after. However, it is important to understand that each human body is different. How much nutrients a body might need for the client to see substantial effects, varies from one person to another, this is why usually encourage clients to start with six infusions.

  • What would be the biggest difference between the effect of consuming intravenous infusions or having a healthy lifestyle (which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise etc.)?

It is important for people to know, that The Elixir does not advocate people to stop having a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, we actually believe in a balanced life. The one positive in doing intravenous infusions, is that the nutrients go directly to your bloodstream, which means that your organs absorb as much as they need and when they need it.

  • How many type of intravenous infusions do you offer and what are their main benefits?

We offer about 14 types of infusion to tailor everyone’s needs. The benefits range from it being detoxifying to anti-aging. All types of VitaDrips can be seen on our website:

  • Which infusion is the most popular along the year? What about during summer?

During the year the tailored VitaDrip (The VIP) one is very popular. During summer the anti-aging ones tend to be the most demanded.

  • Are you planning to extend your “menu” of intravenous infusions?

We are always looking to improve what we do, so yes, and as soon as this happens we will let everyone know.

  • Do you also offer complementary products or services at The Elixir Clinic?

Yes we do. In London we have offered either two hands or four hands Japanese Massage, and in UAE we offer colonic hydrotherapy. At both locations we also offer GP services, Blood tests, Ozone Therapy, Cryotherapy and LED light beauty treatment.

  • Are you planning to expand to other countries?

Certainly, stay tuned!

  • What is luxury for you?

Luxury for us is definitely, having good health. | London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi | Instagram: theelixirclinic | Facebook: theelixirclinic | Author: Cristina Roselló | Director at The Hedonist Magazine |