IMPERTINENT ELEGANCE | The Legacy Of Claudie Pierlot

The beloved French brand is the ambassador of the Parisian woman; but it did not become that way over night.  The history behind what is now known as the brand of Claudie Pierlot begins in 1947 when Claudie Pierlot herself, was born. Follow the journey of her life and of 1990’s Paris zeitgeist to understand the evolution of Claudie Pierlot and how the brand became a staple in French fashion. 

1Claudie Pierlot was born in 1947 in Troyes, a major centre for hosiery. After studying fashion design and pattern making and working in knitting factories in the south of France,she became an assistant at Dorothée Bis where she remained for four years. She then joined the Printemps styling office and the Mafia agency, before going to work for the René Derhy brand in 1974. After ten years as a stylist at Derhy, she decided to create her own brand with the support of Yvette and René Derhy. She partnered with them until she sold her brand in 2009 to the SMCP group. She showed her first collections on the Derhy premises, at 6 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière before setting up shop on the rue du Sentier in the mid-90s.

“I was trained on the job and in the spirit of ’68. Simplicity and lightheartedness have alwyas been inspiration” Claudie Pierlot

 90’s | The Raise Of The Brand

2It was during this period that Claudie Pierlot innovated by offering a new twist to the female wardrobe. Dainty, feminine and floaty dresses with a relaxed silhouette charmed the women who, still under the influence of the Montana and Mugler years, saw the potential to combine femininity, freshness and elegance at an affordable price. Success was immediate as women became ardent fans of this new image of the Parisian woman. We talk at this time of the Claudie Pierlot and Agnès B years, two creative women who captured the essence of a new generation of women and infused this into their collections. These two women together created a new offer and a happy medium in a clothing industry that was at the time sharply divided between luxury and mass market goods.

 Key Dates

  • 1984 Creation of CP and opening of the 1st boutique 4 rue du Jour, Paris 1st
  • 1988 Opening of the boutique at 23 rue du Vieux Colombier, 6th
  • 2002 Opening of the 3rd Parisian boutique at 1 rue Montmartre Paris 1st
  • 2009  Claudie Pierlot becomes part of the SMCP group/ Launching of the e-shop
  • 2011 Vanessa Pierrat joins the Creative Management team
  • 2013 The brand expands to London
  • 2015 Establishment of the e-shop site/ First handbag lines launched

2009 | Claudie Pierlot joined SMCP

impertinent-elegance1In 2009, Claudie Pierlot entrusted her label to Evelyne Chetrite, Judith Milgrom, Elie Kouby and Frederic Biousse, before passing away. Vanessa Pierrat took over as creative director in 2011. Her French sensitivity flirts with a laid-back American style she absorbed from her New York experience at American Eagle Outfitter. She preserves the “BCBG” legacy of the brand while adding a touch of off-beat fashion.


A Claudie Pierlot wardrobe is above all a timeless wardrobe: the sailor-themed clothing, the tote bag with its bow, the baby doll dress, the trouser suit, the low-heeled boots… Season after season,the collections include, the must-haves of the Parisian woman. These signature items tell the story of the Claudie Pierlot style: simple elegance or a cool & chic silhouette imbued with irreverence.

The Concept Store

Paris is the theme that runs through Claudie Pierlot creations… So it was only fitting to give the Claudie Pierlot collections a setting worthy of its identity : simple, warm and welcoming. The navy storefront, the wooden flooring, the moulding so typical of the Haussmann style, the brass racks, the velvet curtains and the chair all set the scene and enhance the collections. The concept store, both classy and elegant, brings to mind a Parisian apartment.


Exclusive And Original Collaborations

Claudie Pierlot surrounds itself with people who share the same values. In collection capsules created as collaborative projects, the impertinence, the lightness of being and the French know-how so beloved of the brand form its foundation. Some of the collaborations include: Saint James; Il + Elle with Andrew Birkin;  Vivetta; Your go-to summer basics; The UNESCO project; Olympia Le Tan and Audrey Marnay.


Ambassador Of The Parisian Woman


Claudie Pierlot is today a global ambassador for the Parisian woman: a well born young woman open to the world around her. She loves to travel and cherishes her freedom. Her irreverent side naturally takes her off the beaten track. She infuses her fashion desires of the moment into her timeless wardrobe. Her travels and experiences make her style very personal. She loves fashion without being its victim, and prefers style to trends. | Facebook: ClaudiePierlot | Instagram: @claudiepierlot_officiel | Twitter: Claudie_Pierlot