Tai Ping’s 2016 Yacht Collection Makes Waves With Artistry And Innovation At The Monaco Yacht Show


Tai Ping, the world’s preeminent maker of luxury custom carpets, marks its thirteenth return to the annual Monaco Yacht Show with the launch of its all-new 2016 Yacht Collection.

This year’s 26 indoor and 20 outdoor designs feature turquoise blues, lustrous beiges, and vibrant white tones evocative of the age-old allure of the high seas. Maritime-themed elements, such as geometric patterns that resemble ropes and kinetic flourishes reminiscent of shimmering waves, heighten the nautical theme. In addition to these new designs, the collection also includes a curated selection of the most popular designs from Bloom, Tai Ping’s 2016 haute couture collection designed in collaboration with Jeff Leatham.


Evocative beauty and elegance are only part of the story of Tai Ping’s 2016 Yacht Collection. The collection’s artistry is bolstered by groundbreaking materials, such as Tai Ping’s revolutionary Field yarn. Field, a 100% acrylic solution-dyed yarn, is available in up to 26 colors and is versatile enough for use in both indoor and outdoor carpets.

Just as importantly, Field offers Tai Ping’s artisans an unprecedented degree of expression in shaping textured effects – such as fading and sculpting gradients – into hand-tufted outdoor carpets. A prime example of these precision-carved effects is Bait, a multi-leveled design of interrelated geometric patterns overlaid by a checkerboard-inspired grid.

By contrast, Amalgam II – a Jeff Leatham design that first appeared in Bloom, repurposed here for outdoors – also showcases Field yarn’s multilayered effects, while eschewing the rigid geometric influences of Bait in favor of more nature-inspired motifs suggestive of billowing clouds. Leatham’s singular vision can also be seen in indoor designs such as Traversal IV and Synchronism II, among several others.


Another groundbreaking fiber, Glosilk, plays a prominent role in several of the 2016 Yacht Collection’s indoor carpets, including the summertime beachthemed design, Tropical Geo. Glosilk is a custom-dyed 100% nylon yarn that possesses all the lightness and softness of pure silk at a fraction of the cost, and is also considerably easier to maintain in a seagoing vessel.

“The design and sculpting effects we’ve been able to achieve in this year’s Yacht Collection are unsurpassed,” summarizes Xavier Bonnamy, Managing Director of Tai Ping’s Yacht Division. “Their luxury and durability serve as a reminder of the unsurpassed ingenuity our artisans can achieve with innovative materials in their hands.”

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