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We Congratulate Buika’s Recent Nomination At The Latin Grammys 2016 In The Highest Category

Beautiful Buika

Vivir Sin Miedo (Living Without Fear)


Once upon a time a girl named María Concepción Balboa Buika, was born on the Spanish island of Mallorca, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Her parents, political exiles from Equatorial Guinea, a former Spanish colony with one of the most repressive regimes in Africa, hid in the island while running from that oppression. She grew up influenced by the Gypsies in the barrio where her family lived, being the only family thereof African origin. They sang African tunes at home; her mother had an entire wall filled with jazz records; she was immersed in the flamenco sound from the street. The fact that she’s always been the only black girl wherever she’s gone has given her a sense of who she really is, and when her voice was criticized at the church where she used to sing, she understood that she is the only one in charge of her life, and decided to always follow her heart. Now, Buika delights us not only with her extraordinary voice, but also with the power with which she engages her “tribu” on stage and the inspiring story that exposes who she really is.

Her songs are like prayer, a naked conversation with the angels where she is herself completely. Her courage inspires her to love more deeply and to express Her Truth, both as a person and an artist, through her powerful voice, poems, songwriting, compositions and very presence. She wants you to resonate with her art freely; as she puts it, use it to connect with your own little secrets. Her latest album Vivir Sin Miedo (Living Without Fear) is like an open book, in which both you and her are the protagonists, each song a Chapter, and the following, the Story.

Chapter 1. Buika

  • Who is Concha Buika, in your own words? Please, briefly introduce yourself.

It’s just me. No secrets, something very simple, just Me!

 Chapter 2. My Dreams

  • When and how did you discover that you wanted to become a singer?

I didn’t really want to, it just happened. They offered me some money to do it and I was like ‘ok, let’s do it’, because I didn’t have any money. So I started singing and haven’t stopped! But it wasn’t a dream. I was a girl who dreamt about everything: singing, dancing, being an actress, taking care of the animals, I don’t know… I’m a fire girl, so anything. I believe that if they had offered me money to dance, I would’ve become a dancer!

Chapter 3. Vivir Sin Miedo

  • Vivir Sin Miedo is the name of your latest album. How does Vivir Sin Miedo relate to your own life experience?

Well, it’s kind of a dream, not real. I will never be fearless. Fears do exist, and they are real. The interesting part is not so much to live without fear, but not to let your fears guide your dreams and the way you live. It’s about not living in fear.

Chapter 4. Si volveré

  • Si Volveré is obviously a love song. What is hiding behind those words, what’s the real story in Si Volveré?

As I see it, every song has its own story for each person. I know where I am writing and singing my songs from,  but I don’t know where you are listening to them from. I could never anticipate what you’re going to feel about them or the story you are going to hear behind my songs, and I wouldn’t want to pull you out of that dream either. I want to keep giving people that dream space behind my songs. Those are their dreams, not mine; the same way each song is a little secret for me when you listen to my song, that’s your little secret.

In Si Volveré I was talking about the fact that we experience real love when we are alone, because we are usually living our lives, and those we love are in other places doing other things. You know, I love my mama, but where is my mama now, she is in Spain and I am traveling the world. Or your brother or your best friend is at another side of town, or your son is in the school and you are at work. That’s what I mean, that you experience real love when you are alone.

 Chapter 5. Carry Your Own Weight (feat. Jason Mraz)

  • I personally believe that everything starts within, so whatever you give and how you treat yourself, is what you get. Carry Your Own Weight reflects that for me. What is, in your opinion, our responsibility towards ourselves and others?

Our responsibility towards ourselves and others is to be the way we are for real. Not hide behind our fears; not hide behind our inventions, but just be they way we are, and that’s gonna help you and others a lot. Just stay real and keep being yourself.

Chapter 6. Mucho Dinero

  • For many people, Money is a synonym with freedom, especially because we have to deal with it daily. What is your take on that?

Money is not a synonym of freedom, I would never have these two words meet.  What money can buy me is time, and time is something that you need for freedom, but I still don’t believe that money buys freedom, I don’t get that.

What I do believe is that if you are not ready for happiness, no matter how much money you have in your pocket, you will never be happy. What I believe is that happiness and feeling good are things money cannot buy. Money can buy many things, but it cannot buy you peace of heart… You know what I am saying.

Chapter  7. Waves

  • You wrote a beautiful song Waves, what is beyond those Waves?

Yes, I wrote this lyric because that’s kind of how you’re feeling when you are with someone that takes you beyond what we know. You know, when you are with someone and you feel, WOW, I could die in this moment. When you cross all your limits and you go beyond the lines, you are with someone and you know you’re living one of the best moments of your life. We talk about our responsibilities, we talk about our fears, we talk about our job but we don’t talk as much about love like something big and tremendous.

Chapter 8. Good Men

  • Could you please describe who Good Men are for you?

I just know that there are people who live for others, and other people who live for themselves. A good person is someone that is fighting for life.

Chapter 9. Cidade do amor

  • Which is your ideal City Of Love in a transcendental, spiritual sense?

Your home is the best place. My house.

Chapter 10. Yo iré

  • Does Bravery get you in the direction of Love?

Definitely, for any type of love you have to be brave, I am completely positive about that. We have to be really brave to love, because love is something that you need to fight for. There is always a big fight going on around love, no matter if it’s for your parents, for your son, for your friends, because in order to love someone you have to constantly fight the fears that come up. You have to accept the very fear that person brings into your life, and that’s not easy.

Chapter 11. The Key (Misery)

  • Why do you ask Misery where Happiness is? Did you get the answer?

Of course, of course, I ask my misery where my happiness is, because I am the owner of both. I create both. You cannot ask anyone about your misery or happiness other than yourself. That’s why I asked my misery where my happiness is, because she knows. Sometimes we want to give the responsibility of our happiness to others, your girlfriend or boyfriend, “you are my happiness”, but that’s not true. If you are able to create your own misery you are able to create your own happiness too, that’s for sure. Well, I do believe that we are responsible of letting things go. This is the closest thing to happiness, I feel. After all, it’s not clear what it means to be happy, what I know for sure is that when you let go of your fears, it feels like happiness. I believe we are each responsible for the weight that we carry on our shoulders.

Chapter 12. Sister

  • How many Sisters and Brothers  of rescue do you have?

It doesn’t matter if that’s someone you find at home or on the street, here or there, what is important is that this person appears when the moment is right. And I believe that Angels are always there. But when you are going through a really rough time there is always someone, Always! People that you don’t know, who are like Angles, they always appear.

Chapter 13. Cross The Line

  • I have been twice to your concerts in New York City, and each time I was astonished by your presence in what you do. What’s happening on that stage through your tangible and intangible senses when you stand in front of your “tribu” accompanied by your fellow’s musicians? What inspires your artistic process? What does your heart tell you to do?

I think we all feel the same; we can all go to a kind of trance when we cross the line. When we cross that line, our fears disappear, our knowledge appears, it is magical, miracles happen. I don’t know what happens, I don’t think about that.

Chapter 14. I am The Universe

  • You have been influenced by many different cultures, and sing in different languages. Do you feel you express yourself the same, or differently, depending upon the language you use to tell the story?

Well, when I am singing my truth, my truth is the same in all the languages in the world. It doesn’t matter the language, my truth will be my truth. If you have to sing a memory, something that you remember, it doesn’t matter if you think it in English or in Spanish; it’s still going to be the same memory. I have sang in many languages and I will tell you something: if a girl is singing a love song in Japan, she is singing the same song than the person singing in New York, and that is because at the end of the day we are not all the same, but we are equal. We look for the same things in all the corners of the world… we look for the same things.

Chapter 15. Success

  • Buika, I celebrate your Success. Congratulations! What’s the secret? Could you describe what success means to you?

To me, success is to open the fridge and see that there is good food in there. To be with your family and to see that there are nice people in front of you. To look at the mirror and to see someone really cool in front of you. To open your mouth and to be brave to tell your truth. To not let anybody push you down. That is success to me.

Chapter 16. Balance

  • How do you balance your professional and personal lives?

I am a soldier in life and I am on a mission. A soldier is a soldier, and comfort zone is not good for a soldier. My mission is to keep on doing what I do. I don’t place barriers anywhere, I don’t believe in divisions.

Chapter 17. Source

  • Do you believe you can be, do and have anything you want?

Of course! We are human, man.

Chapter 18. Enlightenment 

  • How would you encourage other people to Enlighten their life?

I don’t know if I can do that, I wish I could. Do not ever believe in anybody who says anything about you, because you know who you are and you know what you do. If you don’t know, you go and find the answers, but don’t believe the stories they tell you about yourself. We didn’t come here to be pilots, or to be presidents, we just came here to be happy.


A Fragment From Buika’s Book:

“A los que amaron a mujeres difíciles y acabaron por soltarse…”

(To Those Who Loved Difficult Women and Ended Up Letting Them Go)

Por un momento intuí que un orden distinto no es desorden sino identidad propia,
fue hace mucho tiempo y solo una vez pero se quedó aquí
y viví por fin tras un latir mas verdadero.
y sentí que más tarde o más temprano TODOS LOS COLORES acababan por sucumbir…

To be continued…


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