The world of luxury vehicle design has rapidly expanded to extraordinary innovations in the last decade. It is truly inspiring to see how so many young designers are projecting their vision into the future of Automotive and Transport Design. One of the designers leading the way of creation into unlimited possibilities is Turkish visionary Timur Bozca.

Creative, positive minded, and always developing new skills, he is constantly inspired by unique ideas that help him to manifest his dreams into reality. Following his philosophy Everything for a reason, Timur has cultivated a keen eye for detail and always aims for perfection.

He obtained his bachelor degree in Automotive & Transport Design from the UK’s Coventry University, and then went on to boost his 3D modeling skills at Majenta Academy. After earning a master’s degree in Yacht Design from Italy’s Politecnico di Milano and winning different awards including Young Designer of The Year 2015, Timur opens his own design studio, introducing to the world his most unique luxury vehicle concepts. Timur Bozca designs are exquisite in style and innovative in execution.

Black Swan Yacht Design by Timur Bozca
  • Who is Timur Bozca? Please, briefly introduce yourself.

A nature addict, adventurer and creator, who is on a mission to fulfill the vision.

  • When and how did you decide to become a vehicle designer?

When I was 14, I saw myself as a car designer in my dream, it was very impressive. That day, I decided to become a car designer. Then, unexpectedly, my way came together with yachts, bikes, helicopters, etc.

  • What are you working on now? Any big project coming up?

Nowadays, we are working on some very unique projects. All of them are very special, but one of them is very special particularly for me. So, my dream will be visible soon…

  • Your designs reflect a very sophisticated image. Who are your designs aimed for?

Visionary clients who can push my limits, and in turn help in paving the path of my dreams.

  • Please tell us more about Black Swan. Is it going to be produced?

Currently, we are creating Black Swan’s producible version, Silver Swan. We are already receiving lots of calls from clients, and we are in contact with some big shipyards for development. So, we will see…

  • What inspires your design process?

The majority of the time, my inspiration comes from the natural world, the animal kingdom, and everyday life. Nature shows us ways of solving complicated design issues through evolution, leaving us with the most sophisticated solutions.

  • You use very often the expression ‘everything for a reason’. Could you be more specific on how you apply this to your designs? Do you also apply this concept to your personal life?

I don’t like to design a thing just for the sake of designing. In many aspects, design should find solutions and give new perspectives. “Everything for a reason” is a mentality that is not just practical, but a mindset. Even a random lifetime photo that I share, has a reason.

  • What’s your opinion on today’s luxury vehicle industry and how do you think it is going to evolve in the future?

Currently, I think we are still a bit conservative, but the future is making me feel excited. New generation designers are very visionary, sophisticated and completely non-conservative! That’s why very creative and innovative vehicles await in our future.

  • Young, handsome, talented and successful. Congratulations. What’s the secret? Could you describe what success means to you?

Many thanks for your compliments! About success, I agree with Maya Angelou: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

  • Your designs are beautiful and impressive. They could be part of a visualization map for those who dream big. Do you believe you can be, do and have anything you want?

Definitely yes! With the right strategy and hard work, I think we can get everything that we want. Everything has a way, we just need to find it!

  • How do you find the balance between your professional and personal lives?

I am who I am. I am not separating my life into professional and personal. I think at the moment and my personality finds the middle way to handle both situations.

  • As a professional, what is the greatest dream that you want to achieve? How do you see yourself in the future?

Hmm, I would love to create a new type of vehicle. It might travel the Mariana Trench at 10,000 meters depth, and then can fly to the Moon.

  • How would you encourage other people to do what they really want in life?

Don’t let your dreams be only dreams! Everybody’s lives measure up to the risks they took. Be smart, brave, patient and positive! The life you dream of will find you at the right time.

Everything For A Reason

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Author: Armand Alvarez Lisenko | Editor in Chief  The Hedonist MagazineInstagram:thehedonistmagazine
Text Edition: Rakel Jun Love | Editor and Writer