THE CONSTELLATION | Introducing The Most Valuable & Pure Rough Diamond In The World

Executive Chairman of DMCC and Chair of the Kimberley Process, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, together with Nemesis International Director, Nickolas Polak, Founder and Executive Board Member of de GRISOGONO, Fawaz Gruosi and Director of Sales of Lucara Diamond Corporation Steven Lincoln, were reunited to host a press conference around the most valuable diamond ever discovered, the Constellation.

The press conference hosted during the Kimberley Process Planery Meetings, with the exceptional presence of all the parts involved in the transaction, acted as a platform to showcase the incredible rough diamond to the GCC region. Named the Constellation, the diamond was discovered by The Lucara Diamond Corporation at their Karowe Mine in Botswana, an environmental and Social responsibility award winning mine.

The colorless diamond is characterized by its substantial size of an impressive 812,77 carat and has been categorized as being the largest pure Type IaB diamond ever to be examined by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Type IaB is known within the industry to be the rarest type of natural diamond. Valued at over US$63 million, the Constellation was acquired by Nemesis International on behalf of the Geneva-based Jeweller de GRISOGONO. At US$77,649 per Carat, making this incredible gem, the most valuable Rough Diamond in Recorded History.

Lucara has partnered with the rough diamond trading company Nemesis International based at the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC). This transaction continues to position DMCC and Dubai as one of the leading trading hubs platforms for the world’s best quality diamonds, on par with prominent diamond trading cities such as Antwerp and New York.

Executive Chairman of DMCC and Chair of the Kimberley Process, Ahmed Bin Sulayem said: “We are delighted to have been part of facilitating the acquisition of The Constellation, an incredible diamond, with de GRISOGONO. This transaction further highlights DMCC’s and Dubai’s prominent role as a global centre-point for diamond trading, as we continue to connect all industry participants including producing and consuming countries along the Silk Road.”

Nemesis International have partnered with the luxury jeweler de GRISOGONO, establishing themselves as the source for the best polished diamonds, providing the brand with the resources to produce the finest quality jewelry. The Constellation’s outstanding size and clarity allows de GRISOGONO an exclusive opportunity in its cutting and polishing process providing the brand with the unique option to bring a jeweler’s perspective into the cutting process. This is contrasted to the more traditional process where jewelers were restricted to acquiring polished stones that already existed in the market. The partnership allows Fawaz Gruosi, Founder and Executive Board Member of de GRISOGONO to decide on how best to cut this stone to customize one of the most astonishing jewelry pieces ever created.

“I am thrilled to have the chance to work with such an incredible and important diamond as The Constellation. As a jeweller I am conscious of the extraordinary responsibility I have to the stone and to the team who have worked so hard to secure it. To be able to bring my creative skills to the cutting and setting process of such a stone is both an honour and a privilege and I cannot wait to realise my vision for it.” Said Fawaz Gruosi.

After the acquisition of a 404 carat diamond back in May 2016, this second major acquisition establishes the brand as a market leader in the craftsmanship of fine jewelry featuring gemstones of exceptional quality.


Key facts:

  • The Constellation is a 812.77 carat diamond with a net weight of approximately 162 grams (5.7 ounces)
  •  The stone was acquired for US$63 million – Averaging US$77,649 per carat.
  •  It is expected that this Gemstone will give birth to the largest DColor, flawless, polished diamond, which is likely to weigh over 300 carats.
  •  Less than 2% of the world’s production of gemstone quality diamonds have this level of color and clarity.
  •  An estimated 20 billion cubic meter of earth were removed and processed before finding the Constellation diamond.
  •  The gem has a maximum dimension spanning over 64 mm.
  •  The Constellation is third largest diamond ever mined in recorded history
  • The complete production of quality Gems from the mine since its inception fits in a single, small, suitcase.
  • It is the most valuable rough diamond ever
  • The Constellation Diamond has a morphology characterized by stepped, primary octahedral faces (creating the appearance of crystalline triangles), irregular natural resorbed surfaces, and fractured faces
  • FTIR analysis of the Constellation revealed that the diamond is a Type Iab; even more rare than the highly prized Type IIa diamond
  • The Constellation is notable for being the largest pure Type IaB diamond to be examined by GIA, emphasizing its historical significance. | | |