Discover The New & Bold Decorative Accessories Of MAISON DADA

Created in Shanghai | With French vision | For all citizens

Maison Dada, Design Editor since 2015, was created in Shanghai by Thomas Dariel and Delphine Moreau. Born out of the wild dream to inject a dose of Dadaism into our everyday life, Maison Dada develops furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories with the desire to create the unexpected from ordinary objects.

Collages, inventions, re-appropriations: Maison Dada creates objects that are gently crazy, defying certainty, taste and gravity. The style is poetic, bold, playful, daring and based on the belief that everybody deserve inspiring and meaningful design. Maison Dada artistic direction is in the hands of Thomas Dariel who leads its creative potential through his own design pieces and the supervision on the overall design selection.

“Maison Dada takes its name from Dadaism. This is for me one of the most significant art movements of the 20th century; as I consider it to be the foundation of contemporary design, contemporary art and a contemporary way of thinking. Dada is a state of mind. That freedom is part of my signature, even for interior design. Maison Dada first collection is a reflection of that. Of an unrestrained imagination that brings life into objects. I don’t want unanimated furniture. I like them to have a soul, to tell a story.” Thomas Dariel, Designer, Maison Dada Co-Founder and Artistic Director.


From Earth, one can only see the portion of the Moon that is illuminated by the Sun. An image that is constantly changing as the Moon orbits the Earth. The collection draws its inspiration from this fascinating connectivity. Round shapes and glistening gold, champagne, copper and pink-copper metal finishes personify the Moon itself while handles and – for the side tables- legs represent the different lunar phases that change according to the positions of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth. Light over darkness the Off the Moon trays and side tables collection invite to a lunar dream.


maison-dada-off-the-moon-tray1-2Table Tray 1 | Design: Thomas Dariel | Dimensions: ø 30 cm x Height 30 cm | Materials: metal copper |Prices start at 240 EUR (Excl. VAT)


Paris-Memphis capsule collection draws its inspiration and pays homage to The Memphis Design Movement created in 1981 by Ettore Sottsass. Unstructured shapes and asymmetric lines bring humor, energy and flamboyance to the entire series. While N.3 and N.4 candleholders feature bold colors rather alluding to pop art, the rest of the collection – with pastel colors and delicate shades of champagne, copper and pink-copper metal finish – further remind you of Art Deco geometrical elegancy.

maison-dada-paris-memphis-ch1Candle Holder 1  | Design: Thomas Dariel | Dimensions: ø 15 cm x Height 132 cm | Materials: metal finish | Prices start at 558 EUR (Excl. VAT)

maison-dada-paris-memphis-ch3Candle Holder 3  | Design: Thomas Dariel | Dimensions: ø 8.5 cm x Height 55 cm | Materials: metal finish | Prices start at 240 EUR (Excl. VAT)


Candle Holder 5  | Design: Thomas Dariel | Dimensions: ø 12 cm x Height 55 cm | Materials: metal finish | Prices start at 414 EUR (Excl. VAT)

maison-dada-paris-memphis-ch7-2Candle Holder 7Design: Thomas Dariel| Dimensions: ø 8.5 cm x Width 30 cm x Height 55 cm | Materials: metal finish | Prices start at 240 EUR (Excl. VAT)


Candle Holder 9Design: Thomas Dariel | Dimensions: ø 10cm x Height 44 cm | Materials: metal finish | Prices start at 240 EUR (Excl. VAT)