LA DAMA | A Classic Place For Modern Hearts

La Dama – A Place Where Generations Are Blended Into A Single Way Of Seeing The World

Last October La Dama reopened in Barcelona to delight residents and guests with a unique space inspired by the most classic architecture, yet aimed for the most modern hearts. An apartment transformed into a social club, restaurant and cocktail house that will make you feel at home.

The concept emerges from the union of times and the will to create a place where there is always life. The most subtle luxury, modern and cozy experience take you back to the twenties, through the recreation of those bars where the lost generation use to spend great and endless evenings together.

The cuisine introduces a classic and simple offer with a sassy point that adds spark and madness to the proposals. The menu is inspired by French, Italian and Northern Spain culinary traditions with some twists from other cultures. The veal hoof, the meunière sole and the spicy Wellington are some of the most emblematic dishes. Chromatic herbs and the citric touches are the protagonists of the starters and appetizers that manage to leave the palate with a desire for more. The sweet world closes up the menu with the best desserts made in house among wich we find the chocolate soufflé, perfect puff pastry and top quality Italian ice cream.

The cocktails propose new experiences through the mixture of ingredients out of the ordinary, with an aim to educate the palate to new flavors. At the same time, a classic menu ensures that the cocktail becomes the ideal complement while enjoying the most exquisite cuisine. This fusion converts La Dama into the new home of the young spirits. La Dama flees a time and a concrete style; instead conveys relaxed elegance that takes care of every single detail.

Versatile, elegant and warm the new space has been created by Masca Studio, who has managed to join different streams and conjugate various references to obtain the intimacy of a private house. The decor is different in every room, yet harmonious as a whole. The imposing modernist hall, the mixture of velvets, noble woods and sifted light generate a duality between the near and the elevated. La Dama is without doubt, the house where you want to be invited over and over.