A universe that carries the imprint of its creator, where things happen spontaneously in a warm and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Art, music, interior design, food, flowers, books and aromas come together in this place, where the interior designer Jaime Beriestain shares his passions with his clients: anecdotes of his travels, conversations about art and music, or simply the pleasure of sharing a glass.

“This space is an extension of my house and the objects that I like to surround myself. Here I show everything that, for lack of space, I would have at home. I love getting home and all that it entails: thinking of the menu, going to the market, setting the table, choosing the tableware, floral arrangements and music. My coffee gives me this opportunity every day”, says Beriestain.

After opening in December 2013, this space has become a must see destination for non-residents in the city of Barcelona, as well as the hangout for the locals. A multi-space of over 500 m2 located in the heart of Barcelona, it’s where the Cafe restaurant, a cocktail bar “Showroom”, a concept store and a florist that, over time, has gained great prominence. Beriestain’s interest for nature comes from his native Chile, “What attracts me to flowers is their ephemeral appearance, strength and sophistication”, says the interior designer.

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Beriestain is defined as a person of eclectic tastes, being dynamic and extremely curious and hence, the coexistence of furniture and vintage objects with contemporary interiors in its Concept Store. Different environments coexist in the same space, creating a harmony and indisputable aesthetics. A tireless traveler, Beriestain visits markets around the world, finding exquisite pieces of European Mid Century designs, which are a sign of his unmistakable personal stamp. These finds are mixed in the store with other current and timeless pieces. Another motivation of this creator is his deep admiration and respect for craftsmanship, inherited from his time at university. The special bond between Beriestain with artisans, are reflected in his collections of china, after a process of conceptualization and joint work with small workshops, always bringing his signature touch.

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In addition to tableware, Jaime Beriestain Concept Store also has other elements created and designed by Beriestain — a collection of carpets, candles, cushions, stationery, briefcases and bamboo furniture. The collection expands according to his inspiration, and Beriestain is a creator with concern and sensitivity for beauty. Also, Beriestain has made various collaborations with brands like Castañer, Mr. Boho and the Lamadrid Group. Also noteworthy is the selection of gourmet products carried by Jaime Beriestain: oils, jams, honey and salt from small producers with whom Beriestain maintains a close relationship for the authenticity of their products. Just as important is the careful selection of art books, fashion, architecture and international cuisine. These are unique and exclusive editions personally selected and overseen by him.

In this multi space, one can also find the Jaime Beriestain Cafe and Showroom, a restaurant and cocktail bar in a warm, sophisticated environment with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and selection of music to suit every moment of the day. On its walls hang works of art from the private collection of the designer reflecting his travels — with paintings and photographs of his favorite artists such as Peter Halley, Jason Martin, Bosco Sodi, Yago Hortal, Fernando Prats, Erwin Olaf and Ola Kolehmainen, among others.


As a good host and being passionate about gastronomy, Beriestain makes its customers feel at home in their Café, a restaurant serving authentic cuisine with traditional cuisine proposals and deep flavors. Gastronomic selections offer special local products and raw materials with origins such as : O.D. Delta lobster rice, Dry Aged Ribeye with 60 days of ripening, gorgonzola croquettes, ham or sausage morcón, and classic seasonal dishes such as sauteed wild mushrooms with truffle melanosporum.

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Depending upon the season, some of the raw materials come from the Cafe kitchen garden that Beriestain has grown in his own farmhouse in Bages (Barcelona). As he is passionate about baking, Beriestain offers an extensive menu of homemade desserts like the chocolate sphere: a cake with truffles and chocolate mousse. Also included are his own recipes such as the Jaime cake, a chocolate cake with toffee and Maldon salt, or the famous cookies. Not lacking in a selection of desserts like delicious ice cream, which can be served with homemade crumble or banoffe Cake, and the cake of the week that depends upon market selection or the bakery’s inspiration.

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The wine list at Cafe Beriestain has more than 100 varieties from different countries, among which can be found Ribera del Duero, Bourgogne in addition to different types of Champagne, and of course, the wines of Chilean origin such as Yelcho (Sauvignon Blanc) or Ventisquero (Cabernet Sauvignon), favorites of Beriestain’s. The Cafe kitchen is open daily throughout the year, from 09:00 hours to 23:00 hours. The menu also features varied breakfasts and snacks with a selection of delicious cakes, pastries, Natural Cold Pressed juices, infusions and teas.

And for those who wish to enjoy a gourmet treat in the privacy of their own home, Beriestain also offers Food Delivery Service to enjoy a good meal, snack or dinner without having to leave. It offers a suitable menu for all palates with different proposals of appetizers, salads, pasta, meat and fish, not forgetting the sweets and desserts! This service also includes the option of delivery of fresh flowers and candles at home.


The Showroom space has evolved since its opening in 2013, becoming a place to enjoy cocktails and tapas with music sessions ranging from chill to soft house. This transformation is the result of Beriestain’s personal input and his desire to offer a cozy and relaxing space for a drinks in which to enjoy good music. Tapas inspired Japanese cuisine such as Marinated Mackerel, is perfect for pairing with Edes Kincsem a smoky cocktail that is made from Zacapa 23.

“Creativity has no limits,” Jaime Beriestain

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