INSIDE PROMENADE | By Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design

Founded in 2000, Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design is an interior design firm based in Russia that creates bespoke interiors, gracefully bridging the gap between the classical and contemporary. At the heart of this inspirational studio is the creative partnership of Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. While Oleg Klodt works with precision and clarity in a traditional style, Anna Agapova predicts upcoming trends, bringing a complex eclecticism to the classical format, resulting in a fusion of varying textures and shapes. Planning every centimetre of a space is key to their collaborative work, with projects that boast a consistent elegance and sophistication. It is this meticulous and comprehensive approach to design, suffused with creative dexterity, which brings each project to life.

Inside Promenade

“This suburban home is a truly unique project”

Oleg and Anna have designed every last detail in order to create a highly functional and liveable space. The project is a real architectural feat for the pair -as designers-, as it has allowed them to achieve a remarkably light and elegant property using an effortless combination of hues, materials and textures.

The kitchen, which may appear simple at first glance, is in fact a significant achievement of multi-functionality, which includes complex technology. A stand out feature is the white lacquered wall behind which a complete kitchen system has been installed, including a microwave oven, coffee machine, two large fridges, flat-screen television, and a separate pantry.

One end of the kitchen island faces out to the large open-plan living and dining area. It is finished in luxurious onyx, so that when backlit, a beautiful luminous effect is produced. Lacquered cupboards, polished stone and metallic finishes are all echoed throughout the rest of the home’s interior.

The master bedroom is conceived as a haven for relaxation, with its sumptuous fabrics in soft pearl hues being a delightful contrast to the warmth of the nut wood flooring. A series of wall panels upholstered in Alcantara brings a pleasing rhythm to the space, whilst also concealing the entrance of a spacious dressing-room beyond. The specially selected fabrics enhance comfort; the curtains are made from an innovative double-sided material so that colour changes according to the light shone on it.

The two bathroom interiors are a synthesis of exquisite materials, with marble, onyx, steel, mother-of-pearl and wood finishes all intended as decorative elements in themselves.

 The master bedroom has ben conceived with a number of clever planning solutions, including a mirrored wall with built-in storage that separates the room into two zones, thus maximising the available use of the space. The first area immediately adjacent to the bedroom is similar in style to the other rooms and has a large window with full-length drapes overlooking the balcony, as well as an elegant chandelier. On the opposite side of the mirrored wall are the WC and shower, with the furthest wall clad in decoratively lit onyx panels. The bathroom of the second bedroom also features a tailor-made vanity unit, and the elegance of this room is highlighted by the combination of rich tones and textures of the various materials.

The exact colour and texture of each textile and item in Promenade have been carefully selected by Oleg and Anna to create a beautifully subtle tone-on-tone interior. Elements may sometimes be invisible but the spaces have a life of their own, where perceptions can change at any moment, depending on lighting, the angle of view and how closely it is observed.