MAJE | Introduces Their New Exquisite SS17 Collection

Paris’ most beloved bohemian-chic brand, Maje, is delighted to announce their exquisite SS17 collection

Including vibrants colors, textures and prints, the collection deliberately represents the Moroccan-French designer, Judith Milgrom. Keeping an allure of sophistication in every piece, Maje successfully gives us a collection that exudes the free-spirit, sensual woman who is, Maje.

A long and distant voyage. A never-ending desert. Ochre and saffron-coloured earth. From Maghreb to the Sahara and Tanzania, the SS17 Maje woman undertakes a solitary journey through the African continent. Over the weeks, she discovers a nature that is sometimes scorched by the sun and sometimes lush; she develops a new link to her body and to her clothes that is intensely carnal and instinctive.

Her wardrobe is both feminine and adventurous; similarly to Marie Schneider in Antonioni’s The Passenger, she appeals to a nomadic imagination, bohemian yet clearly urban.

 Shades of faded lavender-blue, siena and vermilion red bring out flowing and oversized, discreetely structured pieces. Wild flowers have grown on maxi skirts. In the day time, she wears a neo-djellaba redesigned as a short denim tunic dress. At night time, she chooses long pieces, overlays of frills or flowing lace. Tone-on-tone details add a graphic twist while delicately embroidered beads bring a touch of romanticism.

Around her neck, delicate charms are always there for good luck. Such is Maje’s SS17 wardrobe: a natural, sensual and instinctive relationship to femininity.