GeoID | The Interdisciplinary Design Masters Of Turkish Hospitality

“We always create stories behind our designs…We want people to feel like they are entering somewhere safe, valued and glamorous.”

Founded in 2013 in partnership with renowned design firm GEOMIM, GeoID is an innovative multifaceted studio who provide an all-encompassing approach to interior design and brand identity. Directed by co-founder Tuğçe Rizeli -trained as an architect in Istanbul and Milan- her artistic vision fuels the development of the design studio’s creative projects.

W Hotel Istanbul | Photography by Nejat Çifçi, L’Artcore

For each of their ventures, GeoID develops a unique narrative focusing on revolutionising all aspects of design, from the brand identity of their clients to their interiors, resulting in a harmonious and comprehensive service. Adapted accordingly to the needs and requests of their clients, GeoID covers all creative levels that are necessary to conceptualise a strong brand identity.

Konsolos Istanbul | Photography by Mustafa Nurdoğdu

In all their projects, GeoID starts by simply determining the core values that define the subject. From here, GeoID offers bespoke solutions to develop the brand’s extended identity beyond any previously assumed limitations. The many and diversified components involved in what is perceived to make-up a brand – design of the premises, but also the logo, product packaging, colourways, motifs, signature typeface and even personnel uniform design – are allocated to separate departments with specialised teams. This ensures that each element is taken care of with the highest degree of attention. The service also ensures that each aspect shares a cohesive, central identity, making for a brand that is clear in its objectives and undiluted in its message.

Maxx Royal Kemer Hotel | Photography by Ogün Işık

This interdisciplinary studio based in Istanbul boasts an impressive portfolio ranging from restaurants, cafes to luxury hotels, such as the W Hotel Istanbul, and Turkey’s first and only “Grand Boutique Resort” Maxx Royal Kemer to name just a few.