ARMADIO | Undiscovered Italian Luxury

Armadio has launched their direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform, which will offer consumers the finest handcrafted Italian leather apparel and accessories at an accessible price point, proving that luxury no longer has to mean expensive.

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Consumers will be able to browse the site, which will offer limited-run leather essentials like bags, shoes, jackets and apparel that will refresh regularly with new colors and inventory. Behind each item, comes the story of the artisan who handcrafted the product, including a photo and details on the other mainstream brands the craftsman has also created for that season. For the American consumer, the result is authentic, high-quality leather goods that you could normally only find by walking the streets of Tuscany yourself–at 70% the price you’d pay at retail.

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Leather craftsman in Italy are revered as the best in the world, and Armadio works closely with the same Italian artisans who supply the big fashion houses like Chanel, Gucci and Prada. Prior to Armadio, these local Italian craftsmen had no access to distribution beyond Italy for their personal brands. They were instead forced to work exclusively for the big fashion icons, who control the market and overprice these beautiful items they create to make them more exclusive and less accessible. Armadio has now given these craftsmen an online distribution channel for their designs without any middlemen or retail markup.

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Armadio is the entrepreneurial vision of CEO & Co-Founder Matteo Mattia Gemignani, a young Italian man from Tuscany who discovered upon moving to New York in 2011 that leather goods in America come with a hefty markup.“Tuscany happens to be the leather capital of the world,” said Gemignani, “We’ve always had access to the best and most affordable leather products back home. I wanted to give Americans the kind of access and experience they would have walking the local markets in Tuscany, and I also wanted to give the generations of craftsmen from my hometown an online distribution channel that they wouldn’t otherwise have.” Joining forces with his co-founders Pierluca Martella and Loris Pignoletti, they created a platform that connects the consumer directly to the products they seek.

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