Introducing The SOFIA AL ASFOOR Backpack

Sofia Al Asfoor announces the arrival of the unique backpack set to drop in early 2017

Sofia Al Asfoor has been working on something very special for the past few months, and is finally excited to share the announcement of her new Backpack Shield. Adapting the signature pyramid design, Sofia Al Asfoor has designed a slick and functional backpack that keeps the ”shield” element very much alive.

Embellishing the sides with the pyramid design, while keeping a polished front gives the backpack an understated yet very luxurious finish. The premium piece comes in three sharp colors; azul, black and tan. These colors are all timelessly chic and make for ravishing staple pieces. The backpack can be tailor made upon personal request, using a range of exotic skins such as crocodile, ostrich and python. Both color and finish can be custom made along with diamond detailing on the emblem, making a truly exclusive unmatched piece.


Sofia Al Asfoor, is a luxury leather hand bag and accessories brand that offers a product that women wear to prosper in their every day lives. The brand is offering a beholder a treasured piece to last a lifetime. The Shield is a symbol of accomplishment and character, which differentiates itself by being bold and expressive. The brand’s aim is to position themselves in the luxury sector, being comparable to already established fashion houses. Being a Dubai grown company it is true to its heritage, but its plan is to expand and be known as a global brand.

Price: AED 10,800