DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER | Discover The Jewels Of Henry Dakak Jr.

Born in Beirut -where different civilisations meet- Henry Dakak Jr. is the master mind behind HHD, a label that creates beautiful pieces of fine jewelry.

Having spent his youth surrounded by antiques, fine furniture and decorative accessories, Henry Dakak forged his personality while studying art in London; a stage of his life after which he went back to Lebanon to at work the workshop of his father. There, he learned to manipulate materials such as iron and copper, tin and wire or nails and bolts.

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Getting acquainted with the textures and qualities of these materials, led him to design a series of sculptures and furniture items that have been on the spotlight during the past decade. But soon he realized a need to extend his design language to other fields of arts & crafts, launching his expertise in jewelry creation under the label HHD.

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Today, his reputation is well established and Henry Dakak is recognized for being a master in the mix of old and contemporary inspirations. Attention to detail is essential to his creative process and each piece is crafted to achieve excellence.

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The HHD jewels collection is mostly made of 21K gold where gems are carefully selected to set in, respecting the traditional craftsmanship. The result, are timeless pieces with a modern touch that is present in every creation.