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A seasoned chef knows an exceptional kitchen faucet is just as important as a sharp knife or a cast iron pan. Hansgrohe is rolling out several new faucets this month that are not only stylish and supremely engineered, they’re chef-approved! In fact, Hansgrohe’s new Metris Select HighArc Kitchen faucet plays a starring role in Katie Couric’s home kitchen in season one of Full Plate, a fun cooking web series featuring Katie, her husband John Molner and Sur La Table Chef Joel Gamoran.

-Talis Select S HighArc Kitchen Faucet –

According to a recent study, people spend roughly 1-2 hours a day in the kitchen–that’s over 500 hours, or 23 days a year. While so much time is spent in the space, a recent study shows that only 19% of Americans are happy with their kitchen. Specifically, a striking 42% of respondents indicated that their kitchen is not big enough, reporting that this affects their ability to cook. As it turns out, a solution doesn’t necessarily require a costly renovation—a quick upgrade of kitchen fixtures can do the trick. Hansgrohe’s new faucet range was developed to meet this market demand, freeing up space and allowing cooks to be masters of their culinary domain.

As stated by Joel Gamoran, Sur La Table National Chef, “Any seasoned chef knows that an exceptional kitchen faucet is just as important as a sharp knife or a cast iron pan. Hansgrohe’s new kitchen faucet range really celebrates this connection with cooking. Taking ergonomics and kinesiology into account, its features allow for users to be more efficient and comfortable in the kitchen.”

-Metris Select HighArc Kitchen Faucet –

 New Select Function for Greater Convenience and Freedom of Movement

Hansgrohe’s Select technology is integrated into the new kitchen models including the Talis Select S, Metris Select, and the AXOR Citterio Select collections. Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design, Select enables hands-free operation.  Intuitive and practical, Select functionality requires neither a power supply nor any additional equipment hidden in the cabinet below. Users turn water on and off by engaging the Select button with the back of the wrist, elbow, etc., contributing to increased workflow around the sink. Since the flow is shut on and off with just a push, temperature and volume can be conveniently preset. Turning the lever handle, which is ergonomically shaped for comfort, sets the temperature and water volume. When the lever handle remains open, the setting is easily maintained.

 -AXOR Citterio Select Kitchen Faucet-