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Africa is waiting for you to come and visit the raw beauty that lies within her

Wildlife in Masai Mara, Kenya | Photography by Outbound Africa

There are those that wait for memories and there are others that create memories. Africa is waiting for you to come and visit the raw beauty that lies within her, from the open grasslands of the Serengeti in Tanzania, to the mighty Zambezi River that divides countries but feeds nations. Travel and explore the route of the legendary Sir David Livingston through parts of Africa and come experience first hand what he loved so dearly. It is often wondered why he embraced exploring so much. Was it the freedom that came with exploring or could it have been the itch we all have of the unknown?

Sunset in Nxai Pan National Park Botswana | Photography by Outbound Africa

Travelling through Africa is a great deal easier than previously, as luxurious safari vehicles replaced the mammoth wagons and large herds of cattle that transported many before. Authentic lodges are sculptured from the dreams of previous generations and the history behind each wooden pallet can be found by those willing embrace the journey. The rooms are modified into temples and you feel obliged to remove your shoes upon entering the masterpiece known as your room.

Little Tubu Lodge in Savuti Game Reserve, Botswana

You are taken care of like royalty and you can feel overwhelmed at times due to the high quality of service. You will indulge in African cuisine that will stimulate taste buds unlike anything expIerienced before that is prepared by top chefs of this world. The variety of food will leave you begging for more and forget about your diet for just this once; after all you are on holiday.

Simbavati Hilltop Lodge in South Africa

Going to Africa is easy and hassle free as there are multiple flights to choose from that departs daily and before you can open your eyes, you are sipping a delicious cold gin and tonic overlooking the plains of Africa. The prevalent headache would be choosing the perfect lodge and country to visit, as choices are unlimited. Each country awaits your arrival and would like to introduce you to their proud cultures and history that defines them. So why not travel to Africa today and spoil yourself. Create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Chinzombo Lodge in Zambia

At Outbound in Africa, we create the tailor made tour itinerary that is best suited for your budget and desires. Contact us and let us help plan your dream vacation to Africa.

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