The Culture Behind Zuma’s New Coffee Cocktail

Zuma’s Nitro Espresso Martini has the capacity to convert any critic into a coffee cocktail lover.

In the city that never sleeps it’s always coffee o’clock. A subtle spring in coffee-centric cocktails has further integrated our favorite brews into our everyday lives. Cocktail and coffee cultures are no longer mutually exclusive, and coffee certainly isn’t reserved solely for your morning cup. While coffee cocktails seem to be popping up on menus across the city, it seems that few have perfected the art, until now.

Zuma’s Nitro Espresso Martini has the capacity to convert any critic into a coffee cocktail lover. While the izakaya-style restaurant’s take on the Espresso Martini is certainly original, this particular libation has a storied past. Espresso Martinis have flown under the radar for many years, belying the beverage’s true age. In fact, the first of its kind dates back to the early ‘80s. It was rumored that the cocktail was created when Kate Moss waltzed up to bartender Dick Bradsell at SoHo Brasserie in London and demanded a cocktail that would “wake me up and f**k me up.” And voila, the Espresso Martini was born.

Zuma took this classic cocktail and added an innovative twist, being the first to blend the nitro cold brew method within the craft of cocktails. And they didn’t stop there. Their Nitro Espresso Martini is a unique and entirely original combination of house-made cold brew coffee, sencha green tea, vanilla liquor, Grey Goose Vodka and the kitchen’s very own caramelized popcorn syrup.

This rare recipe creates a cocktail that pleases the palate with a well-rounded blend of flavors. A delightfully frothy start leads to a refreshingly balanced body in this energizing and creative drink. Unlike the majority of sugar-laden coffee cocktails, Zuma’s Nitro Espresso Martini is just the right amount of sweet. The notes of sencha and caramelized popcorn seamlessly complement the fine French vodka for an indulgent taste that still manages to maintain a refined lightness.

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Gone are the days when dinner before drinks often led to dinner and an “I’m too tired and full let’s just go home.” Zuma’s Nitro Espresso Martini is the ultimate post-meal pick-me-up built to carry you through the night by ending your meal just right. A cocktail inspired by Kate Moss, and crafted by the best baristas in the business, is certainly a cocktail worth every sip.