A New Wave of Contemporary Art Fairs In New York

For the aficionados, the rest of New York City freezes in time for Frieze Art Fair

Every Spring, the who’s who of the art world would gather in New York City for yet another showcase of the world’s finest contemporary art fairs. For these aficionados, the rest of the city freezes in time for Frieze Art Fair. The international event seldom stays within its own bounds, and its effect can be felt in venues throughout the five boroughs. While local restaurants and hotels become hotspots for unique curatorial programming, Frieze has also attracted outsider fairs from across the country.

During an ambiguous time for the economy, the high-traffic and success of Frieze has caught the attention of the Miami art market. Two of Art Basel’s more notable fairs, Art Miami and Context, have both established a presence during Frieze over the last three years. We went to check out the competition, and found works that warrant a trip to next year’s edition.

Fabiano Parisi Il Mondo Che Non Vedo, No 201 - Italy, 2016 Edition 2 of 8 C-type photograph mounted on Dibond in tray frame The Cynthia Corbett Gallery
Il Mondo Che Non Vedo, No 201 Italy, 2016 – Fabiano Parisi
Edition 2 of 8
C-type photograph mounted on Dibond in tray frame
The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Italian photographer Fabiano Parisi has displayed work in major art fairs around the world. The young artist has participated in the Venice Biennale, and has had several solo shows including an exhibit at PULSE New York in 2015 with the Cynthia Corbett gallery, the MIA Milan Image Photo Art Fair from 2013-2016, the UBS Art Collection gallery in Lugano in 2014, and the Diana Lowenstein gallery in Miami in 2013.

Wolfgang Stiller Matchstick Men Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris
Matchstick Men – Wolfgang Stiller
Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris

Wolfgang Stiller’s infamous Matchstick Men series has become a staple in the contemporary art fair scene. As one of the most socially shared works at each fair, Stiller’s sculptures represent a new wave of ‘social-media worthy’ work. The German artist leaves the meaning of his art open for interpretation, and it’s causing quite a stir for collectors on all continents.

KwangHo Shin Untitled 16NY36 Oil on canvas 43 x 36 in 2016 Unix Gallery
Untitled 16NY36 Oil On Canvas, 2016 – KwangHo Shin
43 x 36 in
Unix Gallery

Shin Kwangho is a South Korean painter making waves on the global market. Currently based in Seoul, Shin has recently become notorious on the scene for his abstract expressionist portraits, which he creates using oil, acrylic, and charcoal. The unique textural component to his contemporary pieces make Shin a stand out selection for fair visitors seeking out their next acquisition.

Serge Najjar Reflected Red, 2016 47 ¼ x 39 ½ pigment print Ed. #⅕ Edelman Gallery
Reflected Red, 2016 – Serge Najjar
47 ¼ x 39 ½ pigment print, Ed. #⅕
Edelman Gallery

Derived from a passion for modernity, Serge Najjar’s approach to photography is symbolic of the medium today. The emerging Lebanese artist has shown works in all corners of the circuit from EXPO CHICAGO 2016, to Sculpting the Shadow at Galerie Tunit in Munich. Najjar’s minimalist eye catches the attention of collectors and admirers alike.

Marck “CLOCKWORK” 2015 Video sculpture 65 x 31.5 x 40 inches Licht Feld Gallery
“CLOCKWORK” Video Sculpture – Marck
65 x 31.5 x 40 inches
Licht Feld Gallery

At the forefront of the mixed-media market, Marck creates captivating works using a blend of videography and sculpture. The Swiss artist has been recognized for pushing the boundaries on the creative confinements of the gallery scene. Born from a dissatisfaction with the traditional representation of films on monitors, Marck’s work continues to reinvent a medium, making him the one to watch.