Studio MHNA | Creating Constance Lemuria’s Timeless Design

Uncovering the secrets and magic of Constance Lemuria

Tucked away on a protected paradise island and surrounded by heavenly views of the ocean, the Constance Lemuria Resort immerses you in the cornucopia of the lush outdoors, in a marvelous garden with profound African influences. It is a land brimming with history, shaped by its stories and legends. Famous explorers and hidden treasures have shrouded this land in mystery. Did you know that the pirate Levasseur’s treasure chest, which is said to be bursting with gold and gemstones, was never found?

An inviting lobby reception to start your journey with Constance Lemuria

In keeping with the spirit of a treasure hunt, the Constance Lemuria invites you to uncover its secrets, its magic and go on a journey full of surprises. It is the perfect place to spend your vacation, where you can de-stress, take your time and get back to a relaxing pace. A perfect place to praise idleness…

For the more sporty types, it offers an extraordinary natural landscape and for golfers, a stunning golf course available to resort guests.

As a nod to the inner child in all of us, the Constance Lemuria Resort genuinely invites you to savor these special and authentic moments as well as discover, in a way, a paradise lost.

In regards to the architecture, the original framework, beautiful cross beams and palm- thatched roofs were all kept intact. Studio MHNA has given a more natural look to the beams by removing the original varnish; however, to give some character to certain areas, they chose to use a darker stain on the wood. Some areas were also painted white to fit with the creole style of the local architecture.

All the furniture, lighting and decorative pieces were designed by Studio MHNA in order to meet the resort’s needs and wishes as well as give the hotel its own distinct and unique character. Certain pieces were made locally, but others come from South Africa, the island of Mauritius and other locations in the Indian Ocean.

Restaurant with a beach vibe

The ambiance of the gourmet restaurant truly sets it apart. It has a more contemporary, stylish feel with a touch of beachy decor, which is seamlessly tied together with its decorations in glimmering deep bronze mother-of-pearl, hand-blown glass objects like fish and other sea creatures and the black and white layered wickerwork accented with striped and zigzagged fabrics. The delicate color palette of pink and mauve add the finishing touches to set off the room. Sea urchins and sea shells were the inspiration for the shape and design of the light fixtures and furniture. The bar itself is made from solid glass behind which you can see a pile of violet-blue sea sponges!

To dress the facades of the suites and villas, a red ocher color was used as well as a white wood trim to capture the style of traditional creole homes.

Warm shades and painted wood can also be found in the interior of the suites to establish a relaxing and comfortable setting. The fresh turquoise blue and green color palettes liven up the rooms of the Junior Suites. New, revived African-style rugs, embossed and printed wallpaper with palm leaf patterns decorating the walls – whose design captures the shape of the local palm leaves of the region – and embroidered fabrics reminiscent of the 1930s all come together to add a colonial-era touch.

Senior Suites with a tinge of rustic charm

The Senior Suites are decorated in the same style with a palette that mixes turquoise and various rust-colored shades. The headboards are made from fine wood decorated with exquisite palm leaf carvings. The terraces are also furnished and create an inviting place to read and relax.

The Beach Bar & Grill can be found on the edge of the grounds in a remote setting, whose rustic character we wanted to capture in our design. Like a traditional African hut, the restaurant is dressed with red ocher clay and untreated, natural wooden columns and railings. Folding chairs, director’s chairs and armchairs create a laid-back style, accented by sandblasted wood finishes and various printed fabrics in different shades of blue.

The dynamic duo behind Studio MHNA

The idea of “design for design’s sake” has been left behind and the focus has shifted to creating a modern ambiance that is unique, distinct, striking and timeless. Studio MHNA was able to accurately carry out their designs in order to create an experience of simple happiness, beauty, modest luxury, authenticity and balance. They succeeded in creating a poetic, sensuous and magical experience that reflects the history of the Seychelles and its Garden of Eden.