Waka | Introducing A Pivotal Piece of Latin America To Dubai

Waka seeks to create an unforgettable experience where guests  can enjoy creative dishes, inspired by the best flavours of Latin America with an Asian twist.

There are endless reasons to love Latin America; from the vivacious people to the rich culture along with its exotic and flavourful cuisine. Located in The Oberoi Dubai Hotel, Waka, the newly opened restaurant, brings a pivotal piece of Latin America to Dubai – complete with a menu of the region’s most sought-after dishes, infused with a creative culinary twist.

Carefully curated artwork peppered around the restaurant

Deriving from the word ‘huaca’ which means ‘blessed’, Waka creates a space where guests can enjoy a taste of Latin culture. From the vibrant decoration on the floors to the artwork adorning the walls, every detail has been carefully curated. Launched by the team behind the successful eatery, Craft Café in d3, Waka‘s vision is to offer a relaxed and immersive space for patrons to unwind and enjoy their dining experience. The cuisine is a fusion of Latin American flavours combined with Japanese seasonings, using French techniques. With unparalleled passion instilled in every aspect of the brand, the team has worked hard to create something innovative and unique.

Under the expert direction of Executive Chef, Roberto Segura, the bespoke menu has come to life after years of creative research into global culinary influences. Full of aromatic spices, tantalizing flavours and prepared with a contemporary twist by the in-house culinary brigade, guests will learn to speak the Waka language, one bite at a time. Inspired by his upbringing in Latin America with influences from the East, Chef Roberto has prepared a menu that will offer an array of delectable dishes, including the Waka Caliente, cooked to perfection Cantonese Spare Ribs and a sweet ending in the form of the Coco Loco.

The animated interior concept of the restaurant was inspired by the colourful diversity of the region. The welcoming space is divided into two distinct areas – the main restaurant which will seat up to 90 guests, and the Chef’s Bar seating up to 8 patrons. Offering a unique dining option, the Chef’s Bar will offer patrons the opportunity to experience a tailor-made and interactive menu with the dynamic Chef Roberto cooking live. Displaying culinary art at its best, this truly interactive experience will give guests a true taste of the hospitality Waka will be offering.

Dishes specially created with a unique interpretation of culinary traditions of Latin America
Dishes specially created with a unique interpretation of culinary traditions of Latin America

Waka‘s aim is to create an unforgettable dining experience where guests are immersed into a stunning atmosphere and can enjoy creative and innovative food and drinks, inspired by the best flavours of Latin America with an Asian twist. A place where the passion of the team is reflected in every aspect of the experience. Set to take Dubai’s gastronomic scene to a fiery new level, Waka brings with it a unique interpretation of the magic and culinary traditions of Latin America. Creating a haven to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Waka is set to shake up your dining routine.