Vista Alegre & Bordallo Pinheiro | 2017 Collections At Maison & Objet

Discover Vista Alegre & Bordallo Pinheiro’s 2017 tropical collections

For 2017, Vista Alegre continues to go beyond expectations and to create new paradigms in the manufacture of porcelain and crystal. Both in terms of design, which is the result of new or renewed collaborations with world-renowned creators recognised for their visionary spirit – such as Jaime Hayon – as well as in the working of the materials themselves, defying their limits.

Parrot Charger Plate – Vista Alegre

As usual, the New Year brings forward new and challenging shapes which cause production and decoration techniques to evolve thanks to unique synergies that the brand creates with designers, artists and haute couture houses. A result which would not be possible without Vista Alegre’s continually improved mastery, where hand craftsmanship continues to play a major role.

The variety of pieces presented in the Brochure – 2017 Collection is representative of the most diverse styles and options, whether traditional or contemporary. What unites them, beyond quality, prestige, and world renowned design, is the certainty that they will continue to set trends within the segments of porcelain and crystal.

Bordallo Pinheiro, established in 1884, revitalizes traditional art of pottery and earthenware, mixing them with modern styles from many different backgrounds. It represents, above all, the ideal form of his mentor to express a unique and remarkable artistic view, confluence of numerous cultural references, translated into dozens of creations that still nowadays set the tone for unique and expressive decorative pieces. All of the artist’s work was filled with passion and creativity, using the artwork as a way to express social awareness and critical humor.

Tropical charger plate – Bordallo Pinheiro
Tropical charger plate – Bordallo Pinheiro

Not only are the designs a timeless artistic and rich portfolio, but also the techniques are still up to date and continue truthful to its manual art work production. Assisted by modern manufacturing technologies, to this day the production comes from “Fábrica de Faianças Artísticas Bordallo Pinheiro” in the same town where the artist started his production. Driven by the same pioneering spirit and naturalist expression, the current products continue to strengthen the brand’s global prestige while staying truthful to its distinctive origins and values given by the founder.

Both Vista Alegre’s & Bordo Pinheiro’s pieces will be available at Maison & Objet 2017|