Artte | A Symphony Of Cuisines Grounded In Freshness & Flavor

The perfect urban oasis to spend summer evenings in the city

In Spain, there is a common saying that anything can be done ‘mañana, mañana’ (Spanish for later). While that is a reflection of the laidback and relaxed Spanish culture that other nationalities can only envy, if there is one thing that the Spanish take very seriously, it is their passion for food.

A clever mix of old-school and new-age luxury

Enter Arttethe eclectic restaurant located in downtown Barcelona offers a wide variety of delicious tapas designed to pair perfectly with specially concocted cocktails, further intensifying the gastronomical fusion experience for epicureans. With its unique décor created by Lázaro Rosa Violán, a resident DJ program and an unbeatable atmosphere in the center of Barcelona, Artte is the perfect urban oasis to spend summer evenings in the city.


Stepping into the restaurant for the first time can be quite the experience in itself. The restaurant exudes an almost industrial and rustic feel, all the while retaining a lush and luxurious atmosphere, perfecting the mix of the old-school and and new-age luxury. Similar to the decor, the food offered in Artte is as cosmopolitan as Barcelona city itself. Mediterranean influences play a big part in the creation of food in Artte, yet it also takes inspiration from other parts of the world, including Latin America, Asia and more. 

Grounded in Mediterranean roots, inspired by the world

Delight your tastebuds with specially made starters, mains and desserts by renowned resident chef Enric Lopez – get ready to indulge yourself with splendid pairings such as Ceviche Perunano, Duck Ravioli and White Chocolate Mousse among others.


With two of the best mixologists in Spain, Pablo Pelatti and Walter Reitano, right here in Artte, it is no wonder that the cocktails are one of the best that Barcelona has to offer. Every concoction on the menu reflects their craft and genius approach to mixology, which features fresh, intriguing flavors and unexpected combinations that invite you to discover a sensory experience in an urban paradise.

Cocktails specially created by the best mixologists in Spain

The cocktail menu was the product of in-depth knowledge of natural ingredients and in-house botanical and fruit extracts. Intensive research and countless of tests went into the new creations, and our mixologists spent months studying the properties, combinations and flavors, further affirming their well-deserved title of alchemists of mixology.

Cocktails not your cup of tea? How about an actual cup of tea from Artte’s extensive collection of teas? Carefully curated from different parts of the world, it is the perfect complement to conclude your meal in Artte, and a true testament to how Artte embraces and blends different cultures into one’s gastronomical experiences.

Artte artfully combines the luxury of fusion cuisines with the pleasures of experiencing classics with a twist – indeed the perfect way to spend your hedonistic evening in Barcelona.