COCO-MAT | The Natural Way To Sleep

Carefully handcrafted mattresses from Greece to promote a truly relaxing and rejuvenating sleep

The sleep industry is going through major upheaval at the moment​, and it is so confusing that ​New York Magazine  recently wrote a feature dissecting all the different options – mattresses that come straight to your door, those that cost over $100,000, incorporate modern technology, etc.

​One area of the market that has been widely ignored are the natural options for mattresses and why it matters. While the beauty industry is finally evaluating the products we put on our skin, the mattress industry has gone largely under the radar with regards to the chemicals in the pieces we spend a third of our day breathing in. Most bed brands fit into two categories – memory foam or box spring – and both contain metals​,​ glue, and toxins. 
In the US, the ingredients used in  a specific brand’s memory foam are considered ​a “​trade secret”​ and are not required to be released​ and can include everything from polyols (the binder usually composted of  petroleum oil-derived ingredients)​​ to VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are chemicals breaking down and dispersing into the air, which some have attributed to allergic reactions, breathing issues and toxin buildup​.
COCO-MAT only contains the most natural ingredients for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep
Natural beds, on the other hand, use materials collected directly from nature: coco fiber, wood, seaweed, lavender, & eucalyptus. Enter COCO-MAT, the Athens based bedding brand known as an original market leader in the “green” sector after getting their start in the late 1980s. With stores in over 17 countries, they have recently expanded have 4 stores in New York City, a partnership with Arianna Huffington and have fans ranging from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen to Danny DeVito.
Paul Efmorfidis, founder of COCO-MAT
Paul Efmorfidis founded COCO-MAT to provide the world with carefully handcrafted mattresses from Greece to promote a truly relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.  Unlike other popular brands – all COCOMAT‘s mattresses are made with no metal springs and no glue. Natural Rubber is found in all COCO-MAT mattresses. Other materials include cotton, wool, cactus fiber, eucalyptus, seaweed, horse hair, coconut husk, wood, linen, down and lavender. Below are just a few of the benefits from the materials COCO-MAT uses:
Cactus Fiber – an excellent survivor in any environment, this exotic plant has strong and durable fibers which can regulate humidity and maintain a dry environment.

Eucalyptus – the high eucalyptus tree is well-known for its shadow and its healthy properties. Essential oil distilled from its leaves has a refreshing smell and is a natural remedy, beneficial for our breathing system.

Seaweed – it grows in the bottom of the sea and over the years has been used for multiple purposes, from a medical remedy, to insulating material and sushi. We dry it and use it for its slowly emitted iodine scent that aids our respiration.

Lavender – a fragrant shrub, famous for its sweet scent and beneficial remedies, lavender is widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, balms and medications. Its seductive aroma has been known to have relaxing effects.

Ergo-base system approach

COCO-MAT’s Ergo-Base System

Because of their innovative approach to sleep, the company developed the Ergo-Base System – the natural alternative to springs & memory foam- to absorb all pressure, shock and friction to redistribute weight equally across the bed for a ‘bottomless’ experience.