Dry Martini Bar | Where Old-School Glamor Meets New-Age Mixology

The perfect combination of cocktails, vitality and class

Step into a world where the old meets the new in Dry Martini Bar, and where the quintessence of luxury goes beyond expectations. Every evening, guests from all over the world would visit the bar in downtown Barcelona, ready to be wowed by the beauty that is new-age mixology offered in a Mad Man-esque joint.

Cocktails and Martinis

dry martini

True to its name, Dry Martini Bar is known for its classic Dry Martini, consisting of London Dry Gin, French Vermouth, topped off with refreshing orange bitters, lemon and of course, the signature olive.Fancy something sweeter? Try their wide range of fruity cocktails – the Lychee cocktail is personally recommended for those looking for the perfect balance of sweetness yet still craving that solid kick of alcohol.

Dry Martini Bar and its wide selection of ground-breaking cocktails are also available in many international guides such as Iberian guide 2017 and Drinks International, indeed a true testament to their bold flavors and combinations. On top of creating a variety of palettes, Dry Martini Bar only uses the most bespoke crystal glasses specially flown from Germany for that extra touch of luxury for guests.


An artful mix between old-school glamor and new-age mixology

The atmosphere in Dry Martini Bar is not unlike a scene from a typical James Bond movie. The level of mystique, class and glamour is evident the moment you step into the bar – well-dressed parishioners usher you to plush leather seats, surrounded by solid wood and brass, likening 1960s movies… It is as if you have stepped back in time to relive the golden years. You may even be pleasantly surprised by shoe-shining services, provided right by the table.

The artful mix between old-school glamor and new-age technology could not be more evident in the bar’s centrepiece, a modern installation displaying different elegant black and white celebrities, showing patrons that one can achieve the same glamour as celebrities in the Golden Age. The delightful combination of the old and new is also reflected in its staff – Dry Martini Bar‘s team consists of bartenders as young as 19 years of age learning the tricks of the trade, to those who have shared their passion for Dry Martini for more than 30 years.

Only the best for guests of Dry Martini Bar 

When asked to comment on how Dry Martini Bar ensures that every patron has the best experience, Javier de las Muelas, the genius behind Dry Martini Bar, has this to say. “We feel enthusiastic when serving our guests, because we not only make delicious cocktails and dishes, but also help them convert their visit into special moments to remember for a lifetime. We do this by serving the food and cocktails we are proud of, and the classy and elegant atmosphere helps elevate the experience as well.”

As Dry Martini Bar turns 40 next year, one can only wonder what more surprises and posh parties are in store for us. A combination between class, glamor, sobriety and elegance, Dry Martini Bar is truly one of a kind.

Carrer d’Aribau, 162-166, 08036 | Barcelona, Spain