The Tongsai Bay | Celebrating 30 Years With A ‘Bed On The Beach’

The Tongsai Bay is known across the globe for strong environmental credentials, its glorious and natural surroundings and for its wonderful Thai hospitality

The Tongsai Bay, Koh Samui, Thailand, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017. To commence the celebrations, The Tongsai Bay has installed a bed on its beach. Why? Khun Akorn fell in love with the Tongsai Bay at first sight in 1987, and upon seeing the eight beautiful bungalows nestled amongst the lush vegetation on the tranquil bay, bought the land and whilst renovations and developments took place to transform The Tongsai Bay into the first five-star hotel on Koh Samui, he installed a bed on the beach and slept under the stars.  ‘Bed on the Beach’ celebrates where it all began and reflects the history of The Tongsai Bay as it enters its 30th year.

The ‘Bed On The Beach’ is a testament to a luxurious 30 years with The Tongsai Bay

‘Bed on the Beach’ is the first of many promotions to celebrate The Tongsai Bay’s 30th anniversary.  During 2017, guests can also enjoy a special ‘Love at first Sight’ cocktail which commemorates Khun Akorn’s feelings for the Tongsai Bay upon seeing it for the first time.

“My father loved and adored The Tongsai Bay. The Akorn Villa is named after him and as The Tongsai Bay celebrates its 30th year, I wanted to honour my father and ‘Bed on the Beach’ and the ‘Love at First Sight cocktail reflect the wonderful history of The Tongsai Bay and its humble beginnings.  There will be several promotions and celebrations taking place in 2017 and this is the first of many.” Enthuses Khun Gob – Thanakorn Hoontrakul, owner of The Tongsai Bay.

A number of activities to mark The Tongsai Bay’s 30th birthday will take place throughout the year including a special menu that will feature the original dishes served in the restaurant on the 9th July 1987-the date The Tongsai Bay opened its doors and welcomed its first guests.

The Tongsai Bay has deservedly taken a rightful place amongst the great hotels of the world.  It’s a unique property that is known across the globe for its strong environmental credentials, it glorious, natural surroundings and for its wonderful, warm and friendly, Thai hospitality.

The Tongsai Bay is set on one of the most picturesque bays.  Featuring 83 rooms, suites and villas, all nestled amongst 28 and a half acres of breath-taking natural beauty. The Tongsai Bay is renowned for its privacy and tranquillity, its passionate love for the environment and the friendliness of its staff.