Cowshed Spa | The Ultimate Luxury Destination For Wellness Sybarites

Cowshed Spa is a hedonistic wonderland for those craving an immaculate wellness experience like never before

Nestled in the basement of  the exclusive hotel Soho House Berlin beneath a spiral staircase lies Cowshed Spa, a cosy enclave for those seeking the ultimate luxurious pampering session. Cowshed Spa, consisting of Cowshed Relax and Cowshed Active, is a hedonistic wonderland for those craving for an immaculate wellness experience like never before.While Soho Houses in other locations are strictly membership-only, Soho House Berlin is open to the public, as laid-back as the city itself. 

Cowshed Spa’s treatment area

The hallmark of Cowshed spa lies in the utmost attention paid to its patrons. As you enter Cowshed Spa, you are immediately greeted by a warm reception and cool drink upon arrival. Your health and comfort are of utmost concern, as a specialist meticulously goes through your health details in order to deliver the best possible experience for you.

Inviting walkways to your quaint treatment room await, where calm music rejuvenates you as you start on your wellness treatment. Manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, body therapies and more are available for reservation at Cowshed Spa for your to put your best face, body and mind forward.

Try Cowshed Spa‘s exclusive Salt Scrub for smooth and silky skin – a full body brushing session followed by a deep exfoliation using sea salt immersed in spearmint oil before finishing with conditioning contour cream – your skin will thank you! Alternatively, opt for an Ultimate Cowshed Manicure, a Cowshed signature for exceptional hand care with exfoliation, hydration mask and a scalp and shoulder massage.

A relaxing hamam area to unwind after your treatment

Cowshed Spa is also conveniently equipped with a sauna, steam room, hamam and relax area to complement your wellness experience. There are even mini alcoves for guests waiting before and after treatment to wind down or read the papers – a truly exclusive

If you are looking for inspiration for a birthday celebration, bachelorette’s party or simply a worry-free night out with your favorite girls, why not try the Cowshed signature Pretty Party? It would be the perfect opportunity to invite your family and friends for a well-deserved round of pampering and champagne.

Exclusive Cowshed product line

Cowshed Spa even has its own line of award-winning products filled with refreshing and rejuvenating essential oils that advocates for an honest, natural and luxurious experience – featuring adorable names such as ‘Grubby Cow Zesty Hand Wash‘ for that extra refreshing cleanse, ‘Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath and Shower Gel‘ for a special relaxing shower experience and more.

Indeed, Cowshed Spa Berlin is the perfect wellness destination for sybarites.