Allure Caramel Hotel by Karisma | A Scent Of Luxury In Belgrade

Belgrade, one of the most upcoming and unexplored European destinations is incredibly rich in history and culture. This vibrant and hedonistic Serbian capital is one of the biggest cities in the Balkan Region and strategically located in a crossroad between Eastern and Western Europe. Serbians proudly celebrate their hospitality and traditions which are reflected in the liveliness of the streets, cafes and restaurants full of people smiling and sharing with one another. It almost seems like Belgrade was the one who chose the luxurious boutique city collection Allure by Karisma Hotels as a perfect representative of what the city has to offer to their guests.

Located in the picturesque Venizelosova Street in Dorcol, the oldest part of Belgrade, this beautiful villa whose first rock was laid down in 1927 is now a luxury boutique art gallery hotel lovingly named Allure Caramel. This grandiose architectural monument marks a very important part of the Belgrade history. Its first owner Vladimir Illic, who was born in the late 19th century, was the most prominent Yugoslav industrialist. He also was one of the wealthiest citizens at the time and this is evident as soon as you enter the property.

The ceremonial entrance porch adorned with classic columns invites you to stop for a moment and contemplate the beauty of what is considered one the most outstanding achievements of Belgrade architecture. While walking inside the building through the central hall you almost feel yourself traveling back in time, as you imagine yourself in the most sophisticated galas and getting a taste what was being part of the highest Belgrade social circle. A subtle scent of caramel, which gives the name to the hotel, adds to your experience a sense of comfort, content, a specter of colors and strength perfectly parallels a home away from home should feel like.

The most welcoming personnel will greet you at the reception and walk you to your suite. With only 17 guest rooms, all suite interiors are unique and different in size and character, yet the baroque-style dominates and is filled with stories from dignitaries, owners and milestones of the turbulent history of the villa and the region. The concept of the guest room designs does not belong to one specific era, but rather holds pieces of a hundred-year-old history. Relaxing beds and huge bathrooms are equipped with the most contemporary features to ensure a luxurious and pampering experience.

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I absolutely loved the concierge service at the hotel which offers you a tailored stay in the city to satisfy all your desires. The personnel is professional yet very friendly, offering an authentic and personalized experience encompassed in an exceptional location reflecting the unique culture of Belgrade. Whether you want to have a glass of champagne or indulge yourself with a delicious cocktail in a good company, the cafe-bar at the lobby will delight you like a true Bon Vivant.

As a Hedonist and lover of all things luxurious, the whole experience at Allure Caramel Belgrade left me with a big smile and a desire to return someday to this home away from home.