Discover Antonio Miro SS 18 Collection | THE CROWN

As a well-known fashion designer in Catalunya, Antonio Miro’s 35 years of creation provided him with the prestige of being one of the top brands in the Spanish design market. His idea of fashion is closely related to everyday life, as he is readily inspired by what surrounds him, especially the likes of art, theatre, music and culture. He is specialized in tailoring, creating quality pieces that reflect the stratosphere of elegance, quality and style.

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Albert Villagrasa, the creative director of the brand, also pursues the same artistic values – he collaborates with local artists and brands to create a world where all aspects of our everyday life are designed under the Antonio Miro brand.

“I was born with this, I was the kid from a small town sewing at night in the basement so my parents wouldn’t see me,” explains Albert while describing the way that set him on the path to be one of the most talented designers in Spain.

“ For me, every creative process starts from scratch, as I see in every collection a new beginning, where new subjects and by extension new inspiration that catches my eyes”.

For Antonio Miro’s Spring|Summer 2018 collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, Villagrasa chose a topic truly relatable to our modern society: social media. “The Crown” represents and wants to explore how we idealize and idolatry people through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other channels deciding to give them the power.

“We don’t know them, but we know who they are and what they do, and people are just so obsessed with them.”  

From Albert’s point of view, we have created anonymous  Queens and Kings of the digital era. Indeed the pieces of his collection are looks worth for the Queens and Kings of our modern society: tailored jackets exquisitely embroidered with tulle, organza, satin, all in red, gold and black. Although the collection was inspired by our new social media royalty, the pieces are suitable for everyone, as The Crown” can be worn by people who enjoy exploring art and culture through fashion, not necessarily instagramers or youtubers.

His collections are an approach to reality with an intention to represent society through fashion, and how they are both constantly changing and expanding. That is why every season Albert showcases not only new designs on the runway but also the work of talented artists that were invested in the creative process. In this collection, for example, the well-known collage artist Lauro Samblas designed the accessories.

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Queen & King

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Photo Credit: Naelia Salas