Gemfields | A Resurgence Of Precious Gemstone Jewelry

The resurgence of color on the red carpet has brought forth a renewed interest in coloured gemstones, which for centuries were viewed as the rarest and most precious of gems

In a season marked by a wide range of talent and unexpected films, coloured gemstone jewelry has been embraced as the go-to trend to express a bold individual look. Suddenly, colour is having a moment on the red carpet. Hollywood’s brightest stars are making daring choices, opting for rubies, emeralds and sapphires to accessorise their glamorous looks and shining a light on the beauty, rarity and versatility of precious coloured gemstones.


Louise Roe takes on colorful gemstone jewelry

In a powerful statement, reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s choice of emerald earrings designed by Lorraine Schwartz, worn at the 2009 Academy Awards, Blake Lively chose a matching set of emerald cuffs by the same designer for this year’s Golden Globes – two looks that ignited widespread excitement for the precious green gemstone. Sapphires also made an appearance at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, with Amy Adams choosing a suite of bright blue sapphire Cartier jewelry. But it is newly minted Hollywood darling, Ruth Negga, who is leading the pack with her Golden Globes look, in which she paired a Gemfields Mozambican ruby cuff by Fred Leighton and a standout Louis Vuitton gown. The Oscar-nominated actress has quickly risen to the top of the industry’s best-dressed lists throughout the season, choosing to accent her inspired fashion choices with vibrant jewelry featuring Gemfields rubies and emeralds.

Collaborating with celebrated stylist, Karla Welch, to create her much-lauded looks, Ms. Negga’s diverse, and often risk-taking, fashion outings have run the gamut from gothic glamour to 1950’s gamine. She has brought the same range to her choices in jewellery, accessorizing her idiosyncratic looks with everything from captivating cocktail rings to statement cuffs and shoulder-dusting emerald earrings. The actress’ chameleon-like ability to transform her appearance is the perfect canvas for the colored gemstone jewelry from Gemfields’ diverse portfolio of design partners, which includes Fabergé, Fred Leighton, Georg Jensen, Holly Dyment, Kimberly McDonald, Nikos Koulis, Elena Votsi and more.

The resurgence of colour on the red carpet is bound to bring forth a renewed interest in coloured gemstones, which, for centuries, were viewed as the rarest and most precious of gems. With an increasing number of designers making jewellery in coloured gemstones at all price points, women have the ability to purchase something for themselves, whether for their own ‘red carpet’ moment or for every day.

Gemfields at Cannes 2017 with Louise Roe video here