Reveal Custo Barcelona SS 18 Collection | Light Years

When the Dalmau brothers founded their fashion brand, Custo Barcelona, in the 80’s they had no idea they were creating such a big label. 

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“I didn’t even think about it, I was just working really hard day by day. It wasn’t luck, it was hard work”,

Says Custo Barcelona when asked how he designed his concept. Their bold aesthetic and colorful prints made this brand one of the most international and well known across Catalunya.

“We are a local brand with an universal format, our ideas are not attached to a particular city, that’s why we show the same collection and the same pieces no matter where we are.”

Due to their Avant-Garde cuts and mixed patterns, Custo Barcelona is a brand with a strong personality and character. Everything designed under their label is easy to distinguish, as they strongly believe in keeping the essence and authenticity of their brand – and this new collection is indeed achieving those goals – they are not only mixing prints and cuts as they use to do, but texture and new materials. That is one of the reasons why it is not surprising that the name of this collection is so aptly named “Light Years”, referring to the use of rich and shiny materials like organza, lame and satin.

“For this collection we want to provide the opportunity for glittery and shiny materials to be part of our everyday life, not just materials you only wear at night”.

As a result, the collection presented at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week is a complete fantasy, full with delicate and unique pieces and chock-full of details and solid colors. After more than 30 years in the fashion line, Custo explains that the only way to create a fashion brand with a concept so strong is to make pieces that are attractive, fresh and innovative but at the same time keep your essence.  “To me, inspiration doesn’t come from the muses. It comes from hard work, grit and experience, from the inner self and the desire to create,” affirms the designer.

For Custo years are a treasure, they show the experience and value of the time. That’s why he designs for independent people that are not afraid to show themselves and tell their stories.

“Our brand is inspired by creativity, individuality and innovation, and created for people who want to express their personality, for young spirits.”

Experience in a young soul is what matters the most to the brand, he is himself a true demonstration on how hard work and knowledge can preserve your soul from becoming old, and how the young souls are the new in thing.  

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Photo Credit: Naelia Salas