Lisa Parigi | Model, Entrepreneur, Lifelong Learner

Luxury is having a beautiful evening – exquisite food, enjoying a candle, and ultimately enjoying time for yourself. These small things that make you feel really special

Lisa Parigi is a model and entrepreneur originally from Zurich, Switzerland, now based in Los Angeles, California where she runs two lifestyle brands: The Estate Collection luxury wellness candles, along with her website Dream.Design.Discover. where she shares tips and tricks on how to entertain beautifully to make life more fun, colorful, and exciting.

Presenting: Lisa Parigi

You have an international background that only one can envy – how do you think that has benefitted you?

Being born and raised in Switzerland, I feel so fortunate to have a combination of heritage of Swiss, Caribbean, and Chinese as it has influenced my openness, creativity and mindset. Especially in today’s world, I feel very fortunate to have an open mindset for cultures, traditions, and people. Now that I live in LA, I continue this eagerness to grow, learn, and discover American customs that are so different from how I grew up.

For example, in Switzerland, all children are taught several languages from a very young age. I speak fluent German, French, Schwiizer Dutsch and English which is not unusual back home. Now I see how valuable a gift it is for me in life and in business to be able to communicate so well in many different places. Knowing many languages has also benefitted me because it is unexpected – people notice my exotic look and make assumptions, and then I speak and they are intrigued and curious of where I come from. I love that I do not fit a typical mold or label.

What inspired you to start your lifestyle blog Dream, Design, Discover?

I started my blog Dream.Design.Discover to share classic tips and inspiration on decorating, entertaining, technology and travel. Entertaining beautifully is not only for the eye but is about tradition, home, fun, creating memories, and bringing family and friends together. Entertaining is ultimately about love. It can be anything from making water more fun by putting edible flowers in ice, creating a colorful table-scape, or unique place cards. All of these ideas are compiled in an elegant platform to escape reality and enjoy creativity and beauty.

It is said that you are inspired by travel and a lust for life – how does that reflect in the projects (such as your luxury candle line The Estate Collection) you undertake? 

Each day, I wake up excited about life, exploring, and learning. My surroundings inspire me and are reflected in my work. I travel with open eyes, love to take it all in, and my candle line is a reflection of that. It was inspired by the use of essential oil extracts and aromatherapy from traditional Chinese medicine.

Lisa Parigi’s luxury candle line: The Estate Collection

Each fragrance is named for a meaningful city for me. Swiss Alps for Switzerland where I grew up, St. Tropez my favorite travel destination, Beverly Hills my current home, and Manhattan is always on the pulse and very exotic to me. These four places are my ideal tour around the world.

What gave you the drive to diversify into entrepreneurship?

My background is in IT but I have always been a very creative soul. Modeling, my experience in the corporate world, and my constant creativity all perfectly prepared me for my business. It has helped me in each of my projects to be unique and creative while trusting my instincts.

I cant say that starting a business was planned, all I wanted to do was create a candle collection. I bring candles each time I travel to bring a sense of familiarity and home. I really wanted to create something I loved, and that was the drive for why I created the candle collection. I am a perfectionist and started by designing the overall aesthetic of the brand. I worked hours to perfect the concept, names, logo, and look of the box. The linen paper on the box looks and feels luxurious especially with the gold embossing to create a sense of old world charm, renaissance and a sense of dreaming. In contrast, the font choice is very contemporary and minimalistic. I spent so much time perfecting each detail – the fragrance, packaging, glass vessel, wax, color, texture of the wax, down to the cotton wicks.

I have learned and grown so much throughout this process. It takes forever to get everything just right, but in the end I truly feel that I explored and grew so much from starting a business. I put so much effort in because I was really passionate about it and am now so proud of what I built and hope that others enjoy it as much as I do.

As a #girlboss, do you find yourself struggling sometimes? 

Yes, everyone is faced with opposition. The most difficult thing is confronting those who try to discourage and bring negativity. Your dream may be far out of reach, but you have to build it. As an entrepreneur, you find yourself doing a little bit of everything, the key is persistence and keeping away from the negativity and naysayers who don’t see your vision.

What is luxury to you?

To me, luxury is time to read a book, time to listen to podcasts or watch a great film. Luxury is having a beautiful evening – exquisite food, enjoying a candle, and ultimately enjoying time for yourself. These small things that make you feel really special.

Do you consider yourself a successful individual?

That completely depends on how you measure success. I am very happy where I am today and grateful for opportunities and growth of my business.

Here at The Hedonist Magazine, we have a philosophy which we live by: You can be, do and have anything you want – what do you think of the following quote?

Yes, I completely agree. You can be exactly who you want to be and not who people tell you to be. It is up to each individual to achieve, grow, build, dream and do what makes them happy. I think the sky is the limit.