Idan Cohen | Exclusive Bridal Couture Designer Of Tel-Aviv

Luxury to me is whatever you feel sexy and confident in. Whether it’s a short dress, extravagant gown or a simple tee shirt – the way fashion makes you feel is what is most important.

Israeli designer, Idan Cohen, was born to a family of fashion. As a child, he wandered the factory of the family’s denim brand and dreamed of establishing an international fashion brand under his own name. After becoming the company’s creative director, he realized his passions for design lied within bridal gowns and evening wear. Idan Cohen is known for his unique bridal designs that feature intricate embellishments, overtly feminine silhouettes and unexpected details.  

Idan Cohen, Bridal Couture Designer of Tel-Aviv

All designs are meticulously hand-sewn at the brand’s workshop and 4,000 square foot design studio in the fashionable neighborhood of Neve Tzedek in Tel-Aviv, as well as in prestigious factories throughout the world. He describes himself as a revolutionary designer inspired by culture, art and old world high-fashion – he takes what inspires him, and produce pieces that are fresh, innovative and luxurious.

Did being born into a family of fashion affect you in how you see design?

To be born into a family of fashion has allowed me to develop a natural affinity for technique in design, as well as working with only the highest quality fabrics and materials.

What is your favorite part of being a designer? Do you have a favorite moment in your design process?

The part I always look forward to is the end product. After putting so much time into designing, to then sewing and hand-finishing each piece, that final reveal is the most exciting part for me!

You have recently launched your latest Spring 2018 Bridal and Evening Wear Collection – what were your style inspirations/muses behind the collection? What is your design process like?

Spring 2018 Bridal Collection

My last bridal collection was heavily inspired by the ‘fleurs du jardin de Claude Monet’. While you will discover the clever placement of floral appliques, I designed the line in the same way that Monet nurtured and composed his garden – with intention and love, making the gowns and the wearer come to life. My muses are always powerful and confident women with an inner beauty that naturally gives off an effortless sexy appeal.

How do you stay inspired season after season?

I travel quite extensively and have a fond appreciation for culture and art, so I truly am inspired every day.  

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What are some trends in the bridal dress industry that you foresee in the next few years?

I definitely see more volume and big, princess gowns coming back to the bridal runways.

What is luxury to you?

Luxury to me is in the eye of the beholder, like beauty. It’s whatever you feel sexy and confident in. Whether it’s a short dress, extravagant gown or a simple tee shirt. The way fashion makes you feel is what is most important.

How would you describe the person wearing your designs for one of the most important events in their lives?

My brides are powerful and exude femininity. They are also not afraid to be different and like to be unique.

Do you have any habit or ritual that supports your balance between your professional and personal life?

I never miss out on my time at the gym! It is a fantastic stress-reliever and always makes me feel good.

Do you consider yourself a successful individual?

Yes, absolutely. It has always been my dream to design and have my own label. I feel very fortunate to have come from a family and background rooted in design and in high fashion. It’s humbling to know that brides love my designs and will choose to wear them on a day that is so special to them – I am most definitely living the dream.

The Hedonist Magazine has a philosophy we live by: “You can be, do and have anything you want”. What do you think about this quote?

It’s a phrase that I say to myself and my staff every day! As long as you are driven and have a great support system, everything in life is attainable – it is up to the individual to get out there and grab it.