Soho House Barcelona | A Place For Creative Souls

Film, music, art, architecture, media – these are some of the creative industries that you need to be in to be a part of Soho House Barcelona. Opened last October, this member’s only club is set to be one of the highlights of 2017, embracing all those who inspire through their creative soul.

Soho House Barcelona | The Club | Photo Courtesy Soho House

It’s been 21 years since British Entrepreneur Nick Jones founded the first House in London’s Soho. Opposite to the outdated concept of an elite gentleman’s club, his aim was to create a place where all type of individuals from the creative industries could gather in a relaxed and pleasant environment. His loyalty to such concept throughout these years and 18 international openings, has made Soho House into one of the most successful, reputed and desired private clubs in the world.

Far from snobbish, stuffy or corporate oriented, the team of Soho House promotes an environment of proximity with the client.  “We address our members by their first name, and that makes the difference”- says Cristina Ródenas, Communications Manager at Soho House Barcelona. “The profile of our team is also different compared to other professionals from the same field. Like our members, we have an interest in the creative industries too, and that makes the approach with the client natural and enriching ” – adds Richard van Batenburg, General Manager at Soho House Barcelona.

Soho House Barcelona | Rooftop | Photo Courtesy Soho House

Beyond pre-established concepts, at Soho House the luxury resides on making the members feel like at home, providing authentic experiences in a comfortable and private setting. “We don’t care about wealth or fame; we treat all our members equally. This is an incentive for people to become a member” – says Richard.  In fact, several years ago they started a program called “Under 27”, in which they facilitate young talents access to the club. That way, these fellows have the opportunity to interact with other successful individuals who may help them open new horizons for their career -whatever creative industry they are in.

Being a member of Soho House means much more than just having access to the club area. Members of Soho House find themselves in an atmosphere where they can share common interests with other members while enjoying the wide offer of cultural events that the club offers on a daily basis: from wine tastings and cooking master classes to photography workshops and book launches. Moreover, the club counts on a cozy and stylish private cinema featuring a varied program of advance screenings and new releases.

In fact, don’t be surprised if as a member you end up spending more time here than in your home. Soho counts on a wide list of activities, in addition, its cultural offer. Come in the morning and work a while in the club area. Take a break at the amazing rooftop with privileged views of the marina and the city. Get together with other members or friends over a meal with a luscious offer of Mediterranean dishes. Feeling energetic? Follow your journey with a nice work out in the specialized gym – including yoga and spinning classes. Feeling like connecting with your soul? Indulge yourself at the Cowshed Spa – an oasis for relaxing located in the building underground – where you will also find a wide variety of “home-made” organic cosmetics products for man and woman. Fresh and rejuvenated, attend one of the cultural events and conclude the day with a delicious cocktail at the Speakeasy, probably the best-kept secret in the whole club.

Soho House Barcelona | Cecconi’s Restaurant | Photo Courtesy Soho House

Not surprisingly, a unique concept of Soho House – where “quality” prevails over everything – is also translated in the conception of the space. Soho counts on a team of architects and designers who take care of the design process from beginning to end. The team designed most of the furniture along with the expertise of local craftsman. Meanwhile, exclusively selected vintage pieces coexist in harmony with the architectural elements, whose design is inspired by the Catalan heritage and blended with the style of this 18th-century townhouse at Plaça del Duc de Medinacelli, right in the heart of the city.

Whether a member or not, visitors looking for a distinctive experience can also enjoy some of the additional services that Soho House Barcelona provides. Think of 57 perfectly designed and equipped rooms, where guests have the opportunity to live and wander like a member. Or a modern, classic-infused restaurant offering specialties with a Mediterranean touch. Its open kitchen, where the client can interact with the cooks, is a clear expression of the warmth relationship that the club has with its clients. Indeed, worldwide known Italian restaurant Cecconi’s is by itself the place to be, particularly at brunch time on Sundays, during the Sunday Feast. What to say about Chicken Shop Dirty Burger. Just a few meters away from the main building you find this haven for burger lovers, not to mention the chicken which is said to be a real addiction for your senses.

Soho House Barcelona | View From Guest Room | Photo Courtesy Soho House

After 17 openings around the world, Barcelona was undeniably the best next destination for Soho House. The city’s international nature, the architectural richness, the love of people for good design and the spirit of the avant-garde, create the perfect synergy between a city and a club that both embrace and promote creativity and culture as a key element for social and economic progress.

Photography: Courtesy Of Soho House Barcelona