Charlotte Hollihan | Blazing The Trail For Perfect Blazers

I view jackets as accessories in that they can change your mood and dictate the tone of your outfit – they make me feel polished and put together and ready to take on the world

Charlotte Hollihan founded ‘Charlotte London’ to bring into the world perfect jackets and blazers for the elegant, international and polished woman. Growing up, Charlotte’s closet was constantly bursting with clothes, and fashion and self-expression we’re always a big part of her life. Working in finance but constantly being asked about her sense of personal style, it was this experience that inspired Charlotte to start looking into fashion and clothing as the next step in her life. 

Charlotte Hollihan | Founder of Charlotte London

What excites you most about being a designer for modern clothing? 
My favourite part (or parts) is being able to do something creative everyday, and on a business level it is being able to interact with my customers and get instant feedback on my products or designs. It’s incredibly exciting that social media has allowed brands to be able to work so closely with their customers, and roll out products that both the brand and the customer are happy with. I love that it’s now a two-way conversation.

How has your international background impacted your Charlotte London collections? 
I think my international background is what makes my collections unique. On a practical level, I grew up travelling often, so I understand what a woman wants in an item of clothing- something versatile, easy, and elegant. On a creative level, I get all of my inspiration while on the road. My collections are named after some of my favourite cities because I like to capture the mood of a place and attempt to show that mood in my designs and imagery.

What was the inspiration behind Charlotte London’s latest summer collection? 
I actually visited Australia for the first time this year and loved it. I love that the people are bright, and positive and just wonderful. I really had no expectations when I arrived, and it was the first completely new continent I had been to for a while. I was so happy and full of life when I was there, I had to incorporate at least a small capsule collection into my brand to
represent the place and that trip.

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Why the particular focus on jackets? 
They have always been my favourite product to style. In a way, I view them as accessories in that they can change your mood and dictate the tone of your outfit. I personally never leave the house without a jacket. It makes me feel polished and put together and ready to take on the world.

What are some upcoming trends in the fashion industry that you foresee?
I see fast-fashion and fashion turnaround times increasing. This is a trend that definitely already exists, but huge fast fashion houses like Zara are able to respond to sales demand incredibly quickly and increase popular products. On the one hand, this is a little sad, as it means that trends move in and out incredibly fast which can’t be good for the environment or small companies, but on the other, I think there is always room for classic and well-designed pieces outside of the fast fashion world. Fashion moves very quickly, but timeless style almost never shifts.

What is your fashion muse?
I follow a lot of online bloggers and influencers. I am obsessed with this self-made generation, and I love seeing the creativity that exists online. I’m constantly impressed at how bloggers manage to make editorial level work. My favourite fashion muse shifts, but at the moment it is Chiara Ferragni. I love her fearlessness in trying new looks, and she is a constant reminder that you can wear whatever you want, and not feel like you have to dress a certain way because anyone expects that of you.

What is luxury in your opinion? 
I believe luxury is making time for the higher things in life. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday madness, but important to do things that inspire and connect you to the greater things in the world. Making time to appreciate great art, read literature, enjoy good wine, and travel to somewhere amazing is all part of the experience. We only have one life so we
might as well make it count.

Do you consider yourself a successful individual?
I am someone who likes to do, learn, and see everything. Have I completed every goal I have set out to achieve or learned everything I would like to learn? No. Because that is impossible. However, I do think I am successful because I have made the effort to go after my goals completely and unapologetically, regardless of the outcome.

At The Hedonist Magazine, we have a philosophy we live by that goes like this: ‘You can
be, do and have anything you want.’ What do you think about this quote?
I would definitely agree with this. I think that you attract what you put out into the world. If you’re positive, fearless and ask for what you want, in general, you will find success. Even if things don’t work out exactly how you expect, as long as you’re doing your best I think there is a lot of personal satisfaction and self-respect in that.