Stephanie Coutas | Devotee To Craftsmanship And Savoir-Faire

The subtle fusion of Stephanie Coutas’ love of romanticism with beautiful workmanship creates neoclassical and contemporary interiors

A devotee to craftsmanship and savoir-faire, the French interior designer, Stéphanie Coutas designs plush and modern spaces, mixing art de vivre with culture. Stéphanie Coutas subtly fuses her love of romanticism with beautiful workmanship to create neoclassical and contemporary interiors.

Stéphanie Coutas

Brought up in Asia and having spent most of her childhood abroad, Stéphanie Coutas’ experience of diverse cultures influenced her style and career which later translated into a passion for beautiful homes and interiors. She began her professional life in fashion before opening her interior design agency, SC Editions, where she works with a team of architects, decorators and designers on private homes, hotels and yachts in France and abroad.

Clean lines, spectacular decor, nude tones, unique marble and luxurious velvet

Clean lines, spectacular decor, nude tones, unique marble and luxurious velvet are all elements Stéphanie Coutas features in her designs. She demonstrates her dedication to design through her own bespoke creations, such as various rugs for Tai Ping and more recently a Baccarat chandelier that she put together from concept to design, currently being displayed at the Baccarat Museum at Place des Etats-Unis in Paris.

Her formidable collection of skills, capability to design from concept to completion and professional rigor coupled with an eye for detail, results in the realization of inspiring and individualised creations. Known for her expertise in the design world, Stéphanie goes above and beyond the expected, investing both time and energy to ensure each project is of the utmost quality.

Stéphanie Coutas recently designed a 330m2 penthouse in Cannes that perfectly exemplifies the ethos behind her work and boasts spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. The balance between the light simplicity of the seaside and the luxury of a five star hotel, this new build is an accomplished blend of contemporary style and refined taste. Special attention has been paid to the lighting and detailing of the low ceilings, which complement the bold pattern of the flooring.

Lavish furnishing to provide the ultimate comfort luxury experience

Stéphanie Coutas utilises lavish furnishings such as leather, precious woods, silk and marble that provide ultimate quality and comfort to her designs which are constantly set out in a contemporary way. Shades of white, grey, taupe as well as blue, lilac and pale green, Stéphanie Coutas’ use of natural tones combines beautifully with statement colors to create new and remarkable interiors. She successfully harmonises the owner’s personality with her natural taste for sophistication and daring touch.

Harmonises owners’ personality with her natural taste for sophistication and daring touch

Stéphanie Coutas continues to privilege elegance, joie de vivre and comfort, the three values invariably present in her work. She is currently working on the development of two 4 star hotels as well as several private residences in Paris, a house in Cap d’Antibes, a new line of furniture and lighting fixtures and is also developing a collection for THG that will be launched in 2018.