Gerbeaud | The Sweet Confectionery Balance Of Modernity & Tradition

Luxury lies not only in the taste, but also in the ambience, history and quality that makes a Hungarian dessert experience so magical

History plays a significant part in helping to understand one’s past experiences, appreciate the present and be hopeful for the future. This cannot be illustrated better than Cafe Gerbeaud, a classic Hungarian confectionery that has opened its doors 159 years ago, opened by visionary Gerbeaud Emil. Previously a bankers’ building and a flower boutique, the historical building has come a long way to be one of the most well-known cafes in Budapest, adored by locals and tourists alike.  

Dessert selection in Cafe Gerbeaud

The sheer grandeur is revealed in its Rococo-style interior design which was saved since the the turn of the century, adding to that quintessential touch of class and luxury. Chandeliers, photographs of yesteryear and original marble tables and chairs saved from the past century serve as testament to a wonderful history worth preserving. Not to mention, it also adds on spectacularly to the luxurious vibe of Cafe Gerbeaud.

Desserts too beautiful to eat

Cafe Gerbeaud is where history comes alive and modernity shares the stage. This is seen evidently in the cakes served – on top of the classic Hungarian desserts such as the traditional Dobos slice, a sponge cake pastry layered with chocolate cream and topped with caramel which is a cult favourite among locals, Cafe Gerbeaud believes in consistently innovating, continuing to create breath-taking works of edible art. Emile cake, for example, is one of Cafe Gerbeaud‘s newest creations. A white peach cream on vanilla flavored financier sponge with cocoa bean crisp and almond-white chocolate mousse, it is a true testament to innovation.

Classic Hungarian desserts

Top-notch quality is not neglected in place of history. Ingredients are freshly made from their own bakery, also contained within the building, and nothing is pre-made – ensuring the best gastronomical experience for each and every guest. Cake pairings with the classic Tokaji Aszu, a Hungarian sweet wine with a golden yellow tint, are also recommended for that perfect combination.

Luxury lies not only in the taste, but also the ambience, history and quality that makes a Hungarian dessert experience so magical. Cafe Gerbeaud hits the sweet spot in all these aspects, and continues to uphold its fervour of innovation for the years to come.