Taipa Village Cultural Association | Taipa Village Dream With Love Campaign

Taipa Village Cultural Association integrates art, people and community with a host of social initiatives

Taipa Village Cultural Association, in partnership with the British Council and the Macao Digital Photography Association, takes great pleasure in presenting the Dream with Love Campaign, with the goal of raising social awareness of the underprivileged and disabled community in Macau. The campaign is sponsored by the Macao Foundation, and supported by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R Government.

The Red Shoes 11 Million Reasons Exhibition commissioned by People Dancing, photography Sean Goldthorpe
The Red Shoes | 11 Million Reasons Exhibition commissioned by People Dancing, photography by Sean Goldthorpe

The Dream with Love campaign consists of a series of art-related events and activities set against the rich cultural backdrop of Taipa Village. They include the renowned 11 Million Reasons exhibition, conceptualised by UK organisation for community dance, People Dancing, and presented by the British Council. 11 Million Reasons is complemented by a Macau photography series consisting of The Harmony Collection and The Dream Collection which reveal the beauty and authenticity of disability art. The campaign is centered around the keynote of “Art in Unity” and includes special performance sessions by speakers from Macau Autism Association, Macau Deaf Association, the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, as well as other individuals who will share their experiences in tackling disabilities.

‘There are over 20,000 disabled people in Macau requiring care and assistance.’ says Joao O, President of the Executive Board, Taipa Village Cultural Association. We are delighted to welcome the Dream with Love Campaign with the goal of raising public awareness of the disabled community while helping to erode social barriers and promoting a more caring Macau.’

11 Million Reasons Photography Exhibition

The Black Swan 11 Million Reasons Exhibition commissioned by People Dancing, photography Sean Goldthorpe
The Black Swan | 11 Million Reasons Exhibition commissioned by People Dancing, photography by Sean Goldthorpe

Inspired by iconic dance moments from classic films, 11 Million Reasons was conceptualised by the UK organisation for community dance, People Dancing, and created by British photographer Sean Goldthorpe through 20 powerful, emotive and humorous images. The exhibition offers a different perspective on disability and dance, demonstrating how photography as a resource and inspiration to deaf and disabled people, can reach out to audiences who would not normally have access to disability arts. This heart-warming exhibition brings the visual and performing arts together into dialogue and helps to create greater awareness towards social inclusion.

‘At the British Council we believe that art connects people. Our programmes find creative ways of connecting with each other to maintain relationships and support the optimism and imagination of people worldwide to explore more positive futures.’ says Christopher Rawlings, Director of the British Council, Hong Kong. ‘We are delighted to partner with Taipa Village Cultural Association to present the 11 Million Reasons exhibition in Macau. We passionately believe in the value and power of inclusion and I hope that the exhibition can help raising the awareness of social inclusion and diversity in Macau and beyond.’

‘Following the Asian premiere of 11 Million Reasons exhibition in Hong Kong last year, we are excited that the exhibition is making its debut in Macau,’ says Louise Wildish, Producer, People Dancing. ‘Conceptualised in the UK in 2014 to change perceptions regarding dance and disabled people, this fine collection of high quality, challenging images by photographer Sean Goldthorpe has now been seen in many countries all over the world. We are hugely grateful for the British Council’s continuous support and effort in initiating a legacy for the work in Asia. We hope that communities in Macau will find the work stimulating and inspiring.’

The Harmony Collection Photography Exhibition

The Harmony Collection consists of 10 touching images captured over two weekends of Easter egg painting and treasure hunt events organised by Taipa Village Cultural Association, with support from Macao Digital Photography Association, Taipa Village Art Space, Macau social community organisations, and designated merchants in Taipa Village. This photo collection captured a number of emotive images that reflect the care and attention shown by the volunteers who provided guidance on egg painting to kids and teenagers with disabilities, as well as recorded the harmonious scenes in the neighbourhood during the egg hunt games.

The Dream Collection Photography Exhibition

The Dream Collection consists of another 10 inspiring images shot by members of the Macau Deaf Association under the theoretical and technical guidance of the Macao Digital Photography Association. The moving photos were developed around the theme of “The World in My Eye”, allowing the disabled to experience the cultural charm of Taipa Village and share their perceptions of the neighbourhood through the camera lens. This photo series also aims to deliver the positive message to the general public that physical constraints do not affect personal ability.

‘We are very honoured to collaborate with Taipa Village Cultural Association for creating The Harmony Collection and The Dream Collection to add appeal to the Dream with Love photography exhibition, and share the value of digital photography.’ says Yen Kuacfu, President of the Board of Directors, Macao Digital Photography Association. ‘By inspiring the disabled with a keen eye for shooting, the hands-on skill of photo composition, the use of lights and various photography techniques, we have opened their hearts and minds, enabling them to connect with each other.’

Date: 27th July to 31st August 2017

Time: 10:00am – 7:00pm

Venue: Taipa Houses-Museum – Exhibitions Gallery

Free Admission

“Art in Unity” Keynote and Local Inclusion Group Performance

In addition to the photography exhibition, Taipa Village Cultural Association will present a keynote and performance event to amplify the message of social inclusion. Community service centres such as Macau Autism Association, the Macau Deaf Association, the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, as well as individuals including visually-impaired Ivy Kok and local Macau singer Romeu Choi Assis will share their own life experience, and will provide comprehensive talks dedicated to the disabled. This aims to encourage the local community to foster positive attitudes and banish unconscious biases against the disabled, and to educate the community about their immense potential.